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Why do you choose a wood-burning fireplace in the corner?

A fireplace is often a beautiful addition to any room, home, or business. However, some people find that a typical flat-front-style fireplace doesn’t meet their needs. As a result, more people are installing space-saving wood-burning fireplaces in their homes or businesses.

Magikflame.com focuses on all sizes and designs of fireplaces, including smaller units that sit neatly during a corner. Our team of fireside experts can hear your space needs and assist you to settle on the right wood-burning fireplace for your business or home.

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Enjoy the atmosphere and comfort of the fireplace anywhere

Do you sleep in a condo, a narrow townhouse, or an older home? In these houses and many others, floor space is restricted. If your rooms take up little space, you’ll think that installing a wood-burning fireplace isn’t an honest option for you. However, a corner firewood unit can comfortably slot in any empty corner.

Even if you’ve large rooms, you’ll consider subdividing them into cozy sitting or reading areas, accented with a corner fireplace. You can have all the furniture and space you would like while enjoying the relaxing comfort of a roaring fire to warm your loved ones on cold days.

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enjoy the atmosphere and comfort of the fireplace anywhere - Why do you choose a wood-burning fireplace in the corner?

enjoy the atmosphere and comfort of the fireplace anywhere - Why do you choose a wood-burning fireplace in the corner?

Add slightly sophistication to your home’s decor.

Corner fireplaces are rapidly gaining popularity. Those with style in interior decorating recognize the worth of space-saving wood-burning corner fireplaces. A corner wood-burning fireplace is that the simplest choice when space is at a premium. They can also provide essential warmth to an area. thanks to their compressed size, corner fireplaces can slot in more rooms, like bathrooms and kitchens. In many cases, homeowners want their corner wood-burning fireplace to be the most target of their room. Adding a gorgeous mantle or frame can draw attention to a wood-burning fireplace in any corner in this scenario. Savvy home decorators suggest that homeowners can use lighting, artwork, or maybe a flat-screen TV near a small corner fireplace to make sure it rises to focus status.

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add slightly sophistication to your homes decor - Why do you choose a wood-burning fireplace in the corner?

add slightly sophistication to your homes decor - Why do you choose a wood-burning fireplace in the corner?

Decorating experts recommend that homeowners consider furniture layout before installing a wood-burning fireplace during a corner. Creating cushty lebensraum should be the first goal. You can achieve this by making sure that the pieces of furniture you plan to use more to face the fireplace. Also, think about using area rugs and furniture clusters to match the angle of your wood-burning corner fireplace. If you’re working with really small seating space, the utilization of lightweight chairs can create a corner conversation area near your wood-burning fireplace that you simply simply can easily reconfigure. You can also use a corner fireplace to fill in empty spaces during a large room. Also, if you’re awkward or unbalanced room architecture, a corner wood-burning fireplace can help provide a balanced and grounded look.

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Save floor space

A traditional flat-front fireplace takes up tons of floor and wall space. This style, while very classic, can limit your ability to feature furniture or decorations to accent your room. When the room is restricted a corner wood-burning fireplace is that the best choice. It takes up little or no wall space and doesn’t project that far into your room.

Before building a corner fireplace, or any fireplace, you would like to carefully consider the layout of your room. You should consider quite just the size of the hearth unit itself. consider the traditional flow of traffic through the space Make sure your fireplace location is a minimum of 36 inches from any combustible walls that aren’t protected.

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If you add a wall protector, you’re able to reduce the clearance to 12 inches. Also, you ought to plan a non-combustible chimney extension on the front and side of the unit. Also, you may want to consider dedicating space to storage for wood and fire tools for added convenience.

Create an attractive business environment

Wood burning fireplaces hidden in a corner are not only attractive for a home, but they can also be great for your business. Whether a business owner features a professional office or a mercantile establishment, having a wood-burning fireplace within the corner can provide a welcoming environment for patrons for instance, since a hearth evokes a homey feeling, having a wood-burning fireplace within the corner of a doctor’s office can make patients feel comfortable before appointments.

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These days, fireplaces are often found in restaurants as they help customers relax and enjoy their food. Wood-burning fireplaces within the corners also can create a soothing atmosphere in living rooms and other spaces. If you’ve got any sort of business, believe the various benefits that a corner wood-burning fireplace can bring.

Ignite your imagination

If you have an empty corner in your home or business, a wood-burning fireplace can be a good decoration option. Also, if you’ve got an older model wood-burning appliance, like a stove or fireplace, it’s recommended that you simply upgrade to a replacement model. because us Environmental Protection Agency notes, modern wood-burning fireplaces are 50% more energy-efficient and produce 70% less pollution than older models.

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Having a wood-burning fireplace in your corner not only improves the aesthetics of your room but also makes good financial sense. When buying a corner wood-burning fireplace, you ought to seek high-quality advice. At Magikflame.com recognized together as the leading suppliers of modular fireplaces, including corner models.

If you have already got a corner wood-burning fireplace in your home or business, we might like to hear from you.


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