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How to study maths in the right way: tips for students


Maths is an important academic subject that students study from their elementary, secondary to senior secondary classes. We often see and hear students struggling with maths studies. The applicative portions, facts, and figures make maths difficult for the students. They keep figuring out how to study this subject. Let us discuss some effective tips that students can follow to study maths in the right way and learn how to solve maths word problems, and simplifications correctly.

Tips for students to study maths in the right way


  1. Attend the classes regularly


For effective maths understanding, attending the maths classes regularly is very important. In maths, the concepts are quite interlinked with each other. By being irregular to the classes, you don’t only miss the topics being taught on that particular day but also the understanding of further lessons is affected.

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To prevent this from happening to you, maintain regularity and punctuality in the maths classes. This will help you to receive a quality maths education from the teachers. Teachers will also take students to the math lab to provide them with practical maths experience and a better understanding.



  1. Use technology for a better understanding


Sometimes understanding the maths concepts from the textbooks becomes difficult for many students. They keep struggling with the right ways to grab the maths concepts. To overcome this problem, using technology is quite effective. By using online teaching apps and sites, students can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, tricky maths puzzles with answers, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, graphs, and more.

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  1. Take coaching for additional help


For some students only classroom learning, for maths is not enough for proper understanding. To aid this problem, taking additional help is beneficial. Students can join a coaching center or can hire a home tutor for maths studies. After the school hours get over, you can look for a convenient time for attending maths tuition. The personal time, attention, and guidance received from the tutor will help you to understand maths concepts better.



  1. Ensure doubt resolution


In maths studies, facing doubts and queries is common among all students. But many students fear asking doubts from teachers. They feel that they might be judged or scolded by the teachers. But this is a wrong assumption. Teachers are there to help you out only. See the right time and feel free and comfortable to ask doubts from the teachers. With the right explanations and doubt resolution, students will be able to solve the maths questions and simplifications correctly.

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  1. Use the standard study material


Many students keep struggling with the maths study material. Other than the main coursebook, they keep juggling from one guide to the other. Not all reference guides are effective. This creates more confusion and difficulties. To overcome this problem, students must ask teachers which is the suitable guide to refer to for more practice. Also using an online education app, you can access the quality study material with effective explanations and practice questions.



  1. Don’t jump to the complex questions directly


After studying a particular maths topic, students directly jump to the main textbook exercises. In these, the questions are slightly complex and detailed. And this can be difficult for students to solve. Avoid doing this, first start with solved examples. These are easy questions and provide you with a proper idea of how questions need to be solved, and which formula to apply where. After doing these easy ones, you can later come to the unsolved complex questions.

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  1. Have patience


Effective mathematical skills cannot be grown in a single day or with a few practice sessions. It is a subject that demands constant effort and dedication. When students don’t get quick results, they tend to give up. They also feel demotivated and lose interest.  But this is the wrong way of working. Students must have patience for studying applicative subjects like maths. Making mistakes, and not getting accurate answers in starting is common for all of us. However with patience and positivity, gradually students can see improvement in their maths studies.



Some additional tips to follow


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  • Have a strong command of basic maths concepts. Keep revising them from time to time.


  • Make sure your calculative skills are strong. Practice the BODMAS rule and apply the mathematical operations ( plus, minus, divide and multiply) correctly.


  • Learn tables two to twenty on the fingertips.


  • All secondary class maths learners must learn the square roots and cube roots for at least the first twenty whole numbers.


  • Mensuration or geometrical chapters demand more practice and time, to ensure this.




For many students, maths is difficult to understand and practice. However, by following the right learning strategies this problem can be solved. By following the above-mentioned tips, students can carry out their maths studies in the right way. We also discussed some additional tips that students can follow to enhance their maths knowledge and applicative skills.

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