December 11

5 Reasons Why You Will Need A Candle Subscription


Candles are known to beautify your home and create a calming aura. Usually, candles are the epic décor material used in celebrating a romantic night with your partner. However, candles are capable of a lot more. A candle subscription will be of great help knowing the various benefits they come with.

From self-care to enhancing your focus, candles can be an ideal tool to help you. Different types of candle subscription can help cater to these needs of yours. Therefore, before you put the flame to the wick, here are the benefits of lighting candles at home. Read through each of them, for they are only a few out of the many.

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Increases Focus

If you like candles burnt around you while you are working, you are already a step ahead in the game. Candles are known to help enhance your focus and productivity. Different therapeutic talks suggest different scents that stimulate the mind and increase productivity.

This is also another way of aromatherapy. It is all about how the scent of the candle boosts your focus level and improves your productivity. Some of the helpful scents are lemon, rosemary, orange, mint, and cinnamon. There are still many other scents that you can try out and subscribe to the one that best suits your requirements.

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Helps Remember Positive Memories

Often, when you feel low, you want to cuddle on the couch while hugging a pillow and burn a candle by your side. Studies have revealed that memories and emotions can be significantly triggered by scents and help revive happy memories.

It takes you back in time where you were at a better place mentally and emotionally. Behavioural studies suggest that smells trigger emotional memories and seem to elevate your mood when you are feeling low.

If you have a bad day or are suffering from sorrow, lighting a candle takes you to a happier time down memory lane. Eventually, you feel better and focus less on the painful instances.

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Improves Mood

The scented candles have the fantastic quality of improving your overall mood. Scents have the quality of helping reminisce happy memories. Consequently, it can elevate your mood. Studies have shown that depressed people who started lighting particularly scented candles in their surroundings experienced an elevation of their mood.

Scented candles can act as antidepressants and boost the immunity of humans while regulating their hormones. Scents like citrus or rosemary can be excellent choices to improve your mood if you ever feel depressed or low.


Alleviates Stress

Since candles keep the ability to elevate your mood and take you down the memory lane of happy instances, it is likely to alleviate your stress. Actions to mitigate stress are part of your self-care routine. Most people incorporate lighting candles as part of aromatherapy to lose their tension.

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Aromatherapy from candles decreases anxiety and depression. Specific scents like lavender, chamomile, and white lilac can soothe your mind and help reduce your stress levels. Lighting some candles after a long day can help destress yourself significantly.


Centuries have passed, with candles being used as part of sacred and spiritual ceremonies. Although they are commonly known for their minimal light sources and aromatic smells, you read through many added benefits of using candles. Therefore, a candle subscription can help you save time from buying and ordering candles every time you run out of them.

Choose the suggested scents on this page or go for your favourite scent and use it accordingly!

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Author name– Hannah Gilbert


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