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Obesity: Major Reasons & Ways To Prevent It


Such a problem of excess weight as mass obesity is a relatively new phenomenon for mankind. It became widespread only in the middle of the last century. This is due to the predominance of a sedentary lifestyle over an active one and choosing cheap, ready-made food.

Today, every third inhabitant of the planet is overweight. There are countries where this problem is being tackled at the state level. But it is important to recognize that no tangible results have yet been achieved. Therefore, losing weight is the task of each individual, and we will guide you on how to do it in this article.

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Reasons For Obesity 

The problem of excess weight is the scourge of modern society. More and more people in the modern world face the problem of excess weight. Here are some reasons for obesity:

1.     Lifestyle

The way of life of a modern person includes many components:

  • Where and how he lives
  • What kind of people surround him at home and at work
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Food quality
  • Leisure preferences

The current lifestyle plays a decisive role in the appearance of excess weight. In developed countries, technological progress has practically reduced the share of physical labor to zero. Besides, the availability and demand for fast food have created all the prerequisites for mass obesity.

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2.     Addiction

Today, the problem of addiction to harmful substances, such as drugs and alcohol, has become widespread. You may know the term beer belly, which occurs due to excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Although everyone knows about the harmful impact of substance abuse, the number of addicts is still increasing in big cities like Los Angeles.

Regardless of the type of addiction, a person can find help from any rehab center in Los Angeles to fight it. Such facilities are available in other cities of the US too. By getting help, the problem of addiction can be controlled.

3.     Eating Behavior

Eating behavior often develops within the family circle. Children who grew up on fast breakfasts, sugary sodas, and other unhealthy foods are sure to carry these traditions into their families. And surely they will feed the next generation in the same way in the future. A modern man rarely eats when he is really hungry.

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Often he does this under the influence of external factors. These include food for the company, family feasts and celebrations, as well as friendly gatherings and snacks on the run. The problem of excess weight also gets affected by a tight work schedule, constant rush, and frequent stress.

4.     Constant Fatigue

The fight against excess weight fails if a person has insomnia and cannot fully rest at night. Sleep problems in obese people may be due to increased levels of stress hormones related to the development of obesity. In addition, excess weight sometimes interferes with a person’s normal breathing during sleep.

This leads to brain hypoxia and a feeling of severe fatigue in the morning. The loss of strength gets compensated by an abundance of food. And this leads to the appearance of added kilograms, as well as aggravation of sleep problems.

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How To Lose Weight?

To create the necessary conditions for losing weight, you need to follow some simple recommendations.

5.     Avoid Eating At Night

To reduce the temptation to make a nightly “raid” on the refrigerator, you should not keep high-calorie foods in the house. By eating such food, you will surely harm your figure. If hunger becomes unbearable, nutritionists recommend satisfying it with a small portion of low-fat cottage cheese or other milk products.

Also, the habit of compensating for an unscheduled evening meal by performing simple physical exercises will help to lose weight. For example, eating a banana is 50 squats, and a cup of cottage cheese is 20 minutes of walking in the fresh air. Such healthy habits will not only minimize the harm from snacking but, perhaps, completely suppress the feeling of hunger.

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6.     Avoid Overeating

Another common problem of excess weight is regular overeating. It is necessary to determine what situations provoke uncontrolled absorption of food. Often this happens in the evening after a hard day’s work, family feasts, meals in a team or parties with alcohol.

So that the amount of food eaten does not exceed reasonable limits, it is necessary to take 10-15 minute breaks.

During the meal, you should leave the table and switch your attention to other activities.

At the end of them, the body may feel a feeling of satiety, and the desire to return to the table will disappear. Psychologists also recommend paying attention to attractive serving, choosing the color of dishes and lighting. All of these factors can affect appetite suppression.

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Nutrition Rules For Weight Loss

Getting rid of body fat is a complex process, which is quite difficult to start. However, even if a person manages to lose some kilograms, the problem of excess weight may arise again. In order to prevent the return of extra pounds, you should focus on organizing proper nutrition. Among its main principles are

7.     Delayed Eating

Do not eat immediately after waking up. Light morning exercises (for 15-20 minutes) is much more beneficial for the body after getting up. Instead of eating, go for a run in the fresh air or a walk to the place of work (provided that you eat breakfast at work).

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8.     Breakfast Nutrition

Effective weight loss also requires a nutritious breakfast. However, one should not confuse the energy value and the amount of food eaten. Nutritionists emphasize that breakfast should not be plentiful, but complex carbohydrates should be its basis.

9.     Fractional And Frequent Meals

Nutritionists advise eating at least 4-5 times a day. They also warn that the amount of food eaten should be enough to maintain normal blood sugar levels and provide the body with enough nutrients. Therefore, a healthy diet must be varied.

10.  Calculation Of The Caloric Content Of The Diet

To facilitate the fight against excess weight, experts recommend having a special food diary. It will allow you to control the calorie content of the diet and the list of products included in it. Its regular and accurate maintenance will help to visually show how much food you actually ate during the day.

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Obesity is a widespread problem of the modern world; we mentioned some effective ways that can help you prevent it. We are hopeful that it will help you stay fit and healthy.


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