June 15

The Role Of Virtual Reality In Slot Game Addiction Treatment


Without a doubt, virtual reality technology will revolutionise the online gambling industry. Envision yourself completely engrossed in the environment and graphics of your favourite online slot machine game. However, virtual reality technology isn’t only for better controls in online slots UK games.

Addiction and compulsive gambling may be treated with VR technology. VR therapy and gambling addiction treatment are discussed here.

What works best for gambling addiction?

Counsellors and professionals help problem gamblers. Has the most empirical support. Gambling is only one example of an unhealthy habit that may be treated with cognitive behavioural therapy.

The primary focus of treatment for compulsive gambling should be helping the patient build effective coping mechanisms for dealing with negative thoughts and behaviours related to gaming. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is talk therapy that investigates the relationship between one’s thoughts and actions. Even though CBT is highly beneficial for problem gambling in several studies, therapists may take their work to the next level with VR technology.

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What is the process of virtual reality treatment?

Unfortunately, not everyone can be helped by traditional methods like therapy and group sessions. CBT is useful because therapy targets the source of the problem rather than just the symptoms. When CBT and counselling aren’t enough, clinicians must stimulate patients’ worries and negative thought patterns to retrain their brains. In comes virtual reality technology.

To treat struggling addicts, it is necessary to place them in environments where they will be exposed to their addictions and their emotions will be activated. However, many therapists would rather not have their patients confront their addiction for fear of triggering a relapse. VR can help individuals overcome their triggers ethically. The virtual reality casino is so convincing that it will trigger the same urges as gambling in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

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The virtual environments used in VR treatment may be tailored to meet the needs of each patient. Therapists and counsellors may adjust the level of immersion in the virtual reality environment to prevent patients from becoming overwhelmed or returning to drug use. The benefits of virtual reality treatment may be experienced by therapists and guides even before they enter the casino. The experience can be ramped up to the point where the patient can play casino games. The counsellor will probe the client’s inner world by asking probing questions about their feelings and behaviours.

Is it possible to gamble in virtual reality?

Researchers had numerous questions to address before concluding that VR treatment was a useful CBT technique. To begin, do addicts feel compelled to gamble in VR therapy sessions without actual cash at risk? Yes, according to research comparing VR-induced desires to gambling urges.

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Is virtual reality treatment reliable and productive?

The second concern that needed to be addressed was whether or not VR therapy may trigger a relapse. VR technology gives gamblers a realistic glimpse of their progress and underlying feelings and cravings, but can it be as triggering as being in a casino?

The treatment’s efficacy and safety were examined in a few trials. After undergoing VR therapy and other forms of addiction treatment, patients filled out a questionnaire to assess their post-treatment cravings. There were also non-VR approaches that required pretending to gamble. The research showed that therapists could spot twice as many troublesome ideas with VR immersion than with fictitious activities. They also found that the odds of relapse were not elevated with VR treatment. Intense desires to gamble did not vary with the presence or absence of fictitious stimuli.

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Suicide attempts are more common among those with gambling addiction than those with any other type of addiction that you can learn now. Introducing innovative treatment options can save lives. Virtual reality treatment is a game-changer for those with gambling issues. It makes therapists’ patient assessments easier and safer than real-life gaming.



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