December 31

Why You Should Choose a Website Over Facebook to Market Your Business


Do you have a business without online presence? Well, you are missing out on potential clients, profits and sales. In today’s world, many firms embrace online marketing.

Social media and websites are crucial tools in your online marketing strategy. Facebook is the leading global social media with a large amount of active users. You can always buy FB likes for rapid growth and increase engagement in your Fb profile. They are effective for building the brand of a firm. Though both websites and social media like Facebook are potent for reaching audience, your individual goals are key to determining the best option is online keyword rank checker.

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There are several reasons why you should choose a website over Facebook to market your business.

Total Brand Control

A well-managed website helps in improving a firm’s image. Through a website, you can create a brand’s story, vision and values. The valid information in websites helps clients to better understand products. Therefore, you control the client’s perception of your firm’s products and services.

A website gives you full control. However, Facebook includes a third party and you have to agree to its terms of services to use it. The antilogarithms of Facebook also change from time to time, thereby, affecting it.

Less Competition

Giving unmatched attention to clients helps firms to thrive. Using a website helps you to get a client’s full attention. It also helps the clients to get information without distractions.

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Facebook, on the other hand, has different content and a limited time for one to absorb it all. More so, through Facebook, the competition can access the secret game plans of your firm.

Optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website improves business SEO and Google ranking. A good SEO translates to good online presence and allows consumers to easily find your products.

Organic ranking saves you capital due to less adverts. Creating more content helps you to improve the website ranking.

Due to high competition on Facebook, firms relying solely on it have a poor online presence that results in low ranking.

Google Analytics

Through Google analytics, website owners can know their audience. They can know who the clients are and where they are from, They can also know how they linked to the website, how long they stayed, and what they looked for.

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This minimizes effort made in market research. It is an incredible tool that improves user experience. Though Facebook allows you to see who likes your page, it does not allow you to access their information neither does it use Google analytics.


Good relations can be built through websites. Emails assist in shedding light on matters that the client does not understand. Websites help in giving more detailed information, thereby, delivering an in-depth marketing message.

Although Facebook is effective in attracting new customers, it is not efficient for complete sales cycle.


Your firm’s online presence should be distinct. This helps the brand to stand out. Clients tend to trust firms with websites. Facebook works for consumer based businesses. However, it denies you brand control and uniqueness. Therefore, while pondering why you should choose a website over Facebook to market your business, keep in mind that websites help you to organize and update information to create confidence and trust in customers.

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