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Which Us State Attracts the Most Casino Players


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The United States gets a regular influx of tourists each year. Some of them go to visit sunny beaches and enjoy their summer holiday, and others love to explore state parks, ski, or climb mountains. A lot of tourists also come to play in luxurious casinos and try their exquisite food. There are many gambling enthusiasts all over the world who simply want to see what the best casino entertainment is all about, and that’s why they visit certain US states. Here we will talk about some of the most attractive gambling establishments, as well as the best online casinos in New Jersey. 

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New Jersey Casinos

Atlantic City in NJ has some of the best gambling resorts the US has to offer, and it seriously rivals the popular Las Vegas. Moreover, the state allows citizens and guests to play on the internet and the best nj online casinos get a lot of traffic regularly. These NJ online casino sites offer various bonuses and lots of different slot games, so slots enthusiasts actually prefer to play there. You can also find NJ online casino list of trusted and regulated operators so that you can be sure you are safe while playing.

Jersey shores are incredibly popular among the tourists, so lots of those who come to chill at the beach also spend their time playing on the best online casino new jersey has to offer. As far as land-based entertainment goes, here are a few incredibly praised resorts:

  • Ocean Casino Resort
  • Golden Nugget Atlantic City Hotel
  • Hard Rock Hotel Atlantic City
  • Wild Wild West Casino
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If you have extra cash and would like to experience more prestigious entertainment then take a break from the best New Jersey online casinos, and visit one of these resorts.


We cannot have a list of gambling states without mentioning Nevada, given how this entertainment is immediately associated with Las Vegas. However, New Jersey online casinos significantly outperform internet entertainment in Nevada, and that’s because online gambling is limited to poker and sports betting. It’s legal to host these games, so long as there are no real money rewards. So, if you see websites that are similar to NJ online casinos in Nevada, chances are they are not offering real money rewards, but rather tickets that can be exchanged for prizes. 

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Those who travel to Las Vegas to experience high-end entertainment prefer to stay at one of these places:

  • Caesars Palace
  • MGM Grand
  • Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel
  • The STRAT Hotel

So, there are two states on the different sides of the continent that provide the best gambling experience. But you can only play on the best NJ casino sites in one of them. 


For a more interesting experience, visitors head over to Illinois. There are around 10  gambling establishments here, but they are all located offshore. So you will have to travel via a riverboat in order to access them. Any one of them is a great option, and if you don’t mind the boat rides, you are highly encouraged to spend some time playing there. Tourists love them, and they are some of the biggest attractions in Illinois. 

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A serious rival to both Las Vegas and Atlantic City is a place called Palm Springs in California. Once again you won’t be able to play on sites similar to the best online casinos NJ, since that form of gambling is illegal here, but there are plenty of land-based hubs. There are 5 top-tier gambling resorts here, and they are all a huge hit. You can spend your time sunbathing, drinking margaritas, and having spectacular pool parties, once you decide to take a break from gaming. In other words, make sure you pack your swimsuit if you decide to visit Palm Springs. 


These were some of the most famous states that benefit from casino tourism. You can only play on any best online NJ casino if you visit Atlantic City, which will most likely be the cheapest option for your budget, gambling-wise. It’s advised that you diversify your entertainment, as all of these states have a lot to offer. Hopefully, you have learned something new and maybe are now inspired to take a trip to one of these locations. 

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