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What to Do in Miami on a Rainy Day


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Colorful environment, bubbly people, thrilling adventures, exciting moments, exquisite luxury, natural scenery, chilled drinks, tasty food, all these and more describes Miami.

Indoor activities in Miami  

There is an interesting list of fun activities to engage indoors while in Miami.

  • Reading Books: – Places like the Books and Books, Gables are great places to have a warm time reading, sipping coffee, and relating with amiable staff who recommend the best books.
  • Visit the Museum of Science: – This is an aquatic museum where water habitats and exhibitions are explored. You would have an educational fun time in the museum.
  • Stare at artworks: – The Superblue Miami has a collection of unique paintings and works of art that keeps you immersed.
  • Enjoy the chills at Kendall Ice: – Winter lovers can have a swell time skating and playing ice.
  • Golfing at Top Golf: – This indoor range allows you to hit the ball and make the mark regardless of the weather. You also enjoy food and drinks from the kitchen.
  • Watch the screen at CMX Cinema: – It is not just an exquisite cinema. Its interiors and services are also excellent. Tasty popcorn, quality recliners, and the best movies are watched on a high quality screen.
  • Fill your cart at Aventura Mall: – Window shopping isn’t possible here. The goods are just too pretty.
  • Others are Vicky’s house, King’s dining, Brickrell city centre, etc.
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Wynwood Best Bars

  • Gramps- Has the fun, snacks, drinks, and zero boredom.
  • Boxelder Craft- It brings you out of the noise to relax and sip a beer.
  • Cerveceria La Tropica- This is one amazing place your family is welcome. It is not wild and has a live band, drinks, chops, beautiful interior, and an excellent exterior.
  • Wynwood brewing- Has been in existence for a while now. It offers games, beer, food trucks, and chit chats.
  • Dogfish Head- Beautiful outdoor and indoor spots to enjoy the shade, sweet beer, and some snacks.
  • Veza Sur- Is the ideal spot to have a conversation and some chilled drinks.
  • Wakefield- Particularly for beer lovers, Star Wars(it is covered with its murals), a good time out with the boys over bottles.
  • Spanglish- The cold drinks are enjoyed in a cosy small room.
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Fun Things to Do at Night in Miami  

  • Tour on the Big Bus: -This 90 minute night tour takes you around the entire city of Miami in its colours and bustling.
  • Art Deco: – Watching the arts at night is just iconic.
  • Watch the sunset: – The best sunset is seen in Miami. Take time out to enjoy the scenery before you go all out on the city.
  • Lights Air Tour: – Flying over the city in an hour is a fantastic moment where you get to see neon lights turned everywhere. It is expensive but definitely worth the price.
  • Walkthrough art: – It is a cheap way of enjoying the paintings, having a feel of artistic energy as you take a walk.
  • Party hard at Nightclubs: – However you want to groove it, you get it.
  • Photographs at Night and Sunset: – Capture the intriguing moments you spent at night into pictures.
  • Go to the Local Theatre: – One place that attracts people is the Actor’s playhouse. Broadway shows, artworks, family plays, and more are enjoyed.
  • Eat at the Secret Food Store: – We surely need to fill our stomachs with food to produce energy for a vibrant day.
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Wynwood Walls At Night

One of the busiest, bubbly, and entertaining places in Miami. At night, it is just like the day began. It is the go-to place for hangouts, drinks, parties, fun, anything at all you want.


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