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What Resources Can Teach You More About Hemp and Marijuana?


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There aren’t many instances that you’re going to have an opportunity to learn about plants like hemp and marijuana in day-to-day life, but they’re worth understanding, especially as they become more economically important in the United States. However, while they have many similarities, hemp and marijuana also have some differences too, especially in the eyes of the law.

There is also a lot of misinformation and fearmongering out there, especially regarding marijuana, that is the product of a decades-long campaign to try to create tougher penalties on those who use or distribute the plant. While the 2018 Farm Bill gave hemp and its byproducts legal status, the laws surrounding marijuana continue to vary state by state, making it even harder to keep up. If you’re looking to learn more, keep reading for information and resources you can use to help teach you about hemp and marijuana.

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What resources can teach you about hemp and marijuana?

While many people think hemp and marijuana are two different species of plant, it’s actually not true. They’re both part of the cannabis family, though the way they’re treated legally is quite different. Legally, the main difference is the amount of THC they contain. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive high you experience when you smoke weed, and hemp products are forbidden from containing any more than trace amounts of it in products in order to be sold in the U.S. legally.

It’s important to use trusted sources like American Marijuana when trying to learn more about marijuana use specifically, as there is a lot of inaccurate information and fearmongering about cannabis, especially on the internet. You can also learn about CBD and what is inspiring the interest in the compound that’s become incredibly popular in recent years, especially in health and wellness circles.

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The best resources to learn about other subjects relating to hemp and marijuana depend entirely on what you’re trying to learn more about. For those who want to keep up with research, medical journals and studies on hemp and cannabis-based medications are a good place to look. Aspiring growers can educate themselves about the growing process using in-depth growing videos that are just a click away. Ultimately, you want to use sources that have credibility and are either published by or reviewed by legitimate experts in their field.

How are hemp and marijuana used?

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Hemp can be used in an incredible amount of products, ranging from carpets to clothing to food items like flour and chocolate. While research is still ongoing, there is interest in determining what precise applications things like hemp and cannabis may have when it comes to healthcare. It’s still early, but the FDA approved its first medication containing CBD in 2018, which treats several rare seizure disorders. For activists and enthusiasts, they hope it’s only the first of many.

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People are turning to natural products for solutions to a variety of symptoms and health conditions, which can help explain the popularity of supplements like Tinnitus911. Tinnitus 911 doesn’t utilize cannabis, but it does make use of other natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and green tea. If you’re experiencing symptoms of tinnitus or any other medical issue, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about what treatments may be available and if there are any all-natural options.

If you use hemp or marijuana, it’s smart to understand what exactly they are and how they’re viewed under the law in your area. Since laws surrounding marijuana particularly are in flux and vary heavily between different states, keeping up with the most recent legal guidance is necessary. It’s also good to understand exactly what they can do, and what they can’t. When it comes to topics where there is significant disinformation available, it’s even more important to ensure that you learn from accurate and trustworthy sources. Becoming internet literate is essential for anyone, but especially for those who are interested in obtaining information related to health and wellness.

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