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Wearing a Male Sherwani Is an Enormous Responsibility.


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When escorting his baraat to the wedding ceremony and into the mandap or onto the stage, the contemporary groom must demonstrate elegance, authority, and prestige.

For those few minutes before the bride making her big entry and stealing the show for the remainder of the day, all eyes are on the groom and his clothing.

There are several valuable tips for choosing the best mens sherwani:


Before venturing out on one’s own, have a ‘talk’ about colours with their fiancée. One’s sherwani should match their wedding gown, not the other way around.

Their bride-to-be will have considered colour schemes in considerable depth long before she ever set eyes on them.

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The good news is that there has never been a better moment to experiment with colours other than white and red.

Essentially, everything is permissible. Therefore, be as audacious as possible within their ‘accepted’ brief.


It would help if they had complete control over this one, and contemporary designers like Junaid Jamshed, Manish Malhotra, and Rohit Bal have created sleek designs.

Have some fun and experiment with several styles to see what suits them best, and be sure to choose something that will set them apart from the crowd.

One will experiment with contemporary cravats and Indo-western fusion cutting.

These are worthwhile considerations, but keep in mind that visitors can get away with trying and failing to get it perfect — they cannot!

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The terms legal,’ ‘royal,’ and ‘class’ should always be at the top of one’s priority list.


Their image is made or broken by design.

There is a diverse choice of designs available, ranging from immersive prints and embossed patterns to varying degrees of stitching.

If they are tall and slim, a light-coloured sherwani with a vast design will look great on them.

On the other hand, if their crash diet isn’t working and they’re still looking a bit tubby, choose darker hues and smaller designs to cover those love handles.

The collar is the first thing everyone will notice, so be sure to buy lots of bling here.

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Invest in high-end luxury textiles such as quality silks, cotton, and velvet. No matter how fantastic the designs and embroidery are, their ensemble will suffer if the fabrics are weak and readily wrinkle.

Velvet sherwanis are very fashionable but also the most costly. They will, nevertheless, create a luxuriously rich and royal appearance.

It is a myth that velvet sherwanis produce excessive heat and sweating, especially in warmer areas. This is because most micro-velvet fabrics are no thicker than a standard suit.

Silk sherwanis are the most comfortable, to the point that they may be able to skip the kurta altogether.

Cotton is the most common fabric option since it allows for more embroidery than silk does if this is the appearance they’re going for.

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The length of their sherwani will have a significant impact on their entire appearance.

Consider lengths that terminate above and below the knee, with the assistance of friends and showroom assistants.

If they are tall and slender, use shoulder pads to help them fill out. Above everything, be comfortable; this will be a long day.

While perusing, always inquire if adjustments are possible. There may be a compromise if the length is ideal, but the sleeves are too long.

This is their big day to shine, so avoid playing it safe.

Many visitors will be meeting them for the first time, so create an excellent first impression of their new family members.

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If they succeed in complementing one another’s clothing, they will seem far more attractive as a unified unit than they ever would wearing what is ideal for them alone.

A groom’s first step out of bachelorhood is to choose a sherwani.


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