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Ways To Employ Instagram For Financial Planning Businesses


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Instagram was created in 2010, as well as the rise of this revolutionary social media platform has been phenomenal. Around September 2017, the network had grown from 1 million viewers in its initial two months in that industry to more than 800 million viewers. As per studies, Instagram is becoming the most influential business among other important social media platforms. We all understand how both young and old individuals utilize Instagram, but how do companies use it to sell themselves effectively? Given that the average users follow 450-500 profiles and that 95+ million photographs and videos are posted and downloaded each day, users have a tremendous amount of information to go over daily. The various features of the application help businesses to accomplish their needs. When it comes to financial terms, the reels feature on the app is more user-friendly and doesn’t need any subscriptions. You can upload unique reels to buy Instagram reels likes and make it global for a huge viewer community.

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Another factor to consider is that Instagram’s exposure on the platform will likely grow by four minutes throughout the epidemic, bringing the everyday median to roughly 30 minutes. Whenever assisting advisers with their digital strategies, we frequently get asked, “How about Instagram?” Is it necessary for me to be a part of that network as well? As per current estimates, almost 70% of firms in the United States employ Instagram. Smaller companies also account for most of Instagram ads and company profiles right now. So whenever it relates to Instagram in the finance industry, it becomes a valuable tool for companies to expose how approachable they are and allows them a lot more creative versatility.

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We recognize that integrating different social media networks into the mixture might be a hassle, but what was the ROI (Return On Investment), and how could the network’s possibilities be maximized? Today, we’ll look at six ways to make the most of Instagram apps for a financial planning organization.

How To Employ Instagram To Promote Your Financial Planning Firm

1. Demonstrate Rather Than Tell

Using images rather than words to tell a tale is often more effective. Rather than simply stating that the employees engaged in a volunteer initiative, present a photo of them doing so with a brief description. Proving it will be better than telling them. Sometimes you can use the content to show them how worth it is. Viewers are more likely to prefer watching something rather than reading.

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2. How To Use Hashtags Correctly

On every social media network, employing hashtags effectively aids users in finding what they’re looking for. The same would be happening on Instagram; therefore, appropriately categorizing your photos helps your brand join in on the conversation. Employ hashtags that make meaning for your business and are particular, so they do not get lost amid the multitudes of many other tags. Don’t be scared to make the hashtags amusing and intelligent; they do not even have to be professional or work-related. A reasonable guideline of thumb is to use at least 6-7 hashtags. As a result, the image or photographs will be seen more frequently, potentially increasing followers.

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3. Create Eye-Catching Visuals

Unlike any other social media network, Instagram is like Facebook or Linkedin. Instagram is a visual medium with a strong focus on pictures. The platform was designed only to allow individuals to share images. As a result, uploading high-quality photographs is critical to overall social media performance. A few of the most delicate Instagram profiles have a consistent theme and tone throughout the pictures, in addition to unique images. Whatever the expertise, attempt to develop an overarching theme that you can adapt to the photographs you share. It’s acceptable if you don’t have the development skills to generate genuinely compelling pictures.

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4. Think Of Hosting A Competition Or Contests

Instagram competitions are pretty prevalent, and holding one is a beautiful method to interact with your existing followers while potentially gaining new ones. Organizing contests is yet another opportunity for your company to engage with its Instagram users. Proactive involvement is a beautiful way to demonstrate that the profile is run by a “genuine person” who wishes to interact with each other.

5. Make It A Tool For Generating Positive Press

Businesses must participate in philanthropic activities, give something back, and demonstrate their commitment to assisting people in their society. Instagram is a terrific place to showcase instances like these that show how the people are helping make your society an excellent environment for everybody. Financial Strategies are doing an excellent job of publicizing photos of its employees volunteering for nonprofits and supporting worthy causes.

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6. Get Involved In The Local Community

Local companies which are already on Instagram should be supported. Being firmly embedded in the local area may often be a significant element of a company’s strategic approach. Your business does not have to come  “stuffy,” thus, it is a great idea to interact with individuals.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is indeed a relatively new site for several financial planners, so if you can get started using it, it’ll be an excellent way to strengthen your social media approach. Individuals are using social media in more significant numbers than ever before; therefore, if you possess the resources, including a social network to the site can help you acquire more visitors from a broader demographic.

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