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Unique Gifts for Newborn Hamper and Things to Consider When Buying Online


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Selecting a newborn hamper in Singapore can be challenging, especially if this is your first time. Many ideas might cross your mind wondering what gift to buy that will impress the new parents and be helpful. A hamper allows you to play safe by including something fun, practical, and something for the new mother.

Are you currently racking your brain thinking of the best gift for your friend and their newborn? Worry not. Here’s a list of recommended gift ideas.

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Unique Newborn Gift Ideas

You can safely include the following gift items in your newborn hamper in Singapore:

1. Baby diapers

Baby diapers are an excellent gift, and you can never go wrong with this. Buy disposable diapers from reputed brands and package them nicely. Ensure you buy the appropriate size of diapers for your newborn hamper in Singapore.

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2. Baby bath

New mothers often feel anxious about bathing their babies as they look fragile. Thus, gifting a baby bath in your hamper will definitely help them in this basic task.

We recommend you buy a portable baby bath to make this task more practical and easier.

3. Baby’s clothes

You can buy baby’s clothing items like caps, socks, bibs, booties, vests, and mittens. We advise you to buy only cotton clothes as this is the recommended fabric for babies’ clothes. Always avoid synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

4. Baby photo album

New parents love documenting every milestone of their baby. Thus, they’ll surely love the baby photo album. Parents can put the baby’s pictures here and add personal details like birth weight & time of birth for memory’s sake.

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5. Baby’s bed linen

Bed linen makes a perfect gift item to include in the newborn hamper in Singapore. There are many attractive designs, colors, and patterns available in online stores that you can choose from.

6. Baby skincare products

You can include a set of baby skincare products in your hamper. Baby body lotion, baby soap, foam shampoo, baby wipes, massage oil, and diaper rash cream are examples of baby skincare products you can buy. Keep in mind that babies have sensitive skin and hence buy products that are safe for babies.

7. Feeding essentials

Feeding items will be very helpful to the new mother. You can include baby bottles, bottle brushes, sippers, breast pumps, breast pads, and sippers in your newborn hamper in Singapore.

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img 62695fd0162ce - Unique Gifts for Newborn Hamper and Things to Consider When Buying Online

8. Diaper bag

New mothers carry a lot of baby stuff when visiting parks, friends, or relatives. A diaper bag will help them carry changing mat, disposable diapers, diaper rash cream, tissues, and wipes.

9. Gift cheque

You can include a gift cheque in your hamper, especially when you’re out of gift items. The parents can buy whatever they wish with the money.

Things to consider when picking gift items for your hamper

• Practical usage

New parents require a lot of items for their newborns, and they’ll appreciate it if you gift them something they can practically use.

• Uniqueness

Get something that is unique as most babies will only need one of each thing.

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• Sentimental value

Ensure your gift is emotional or something that helps store memories. You can consider personalizing your hamper.


Hopefully, you have an idea of the gift items to buy for your newborn hamper in Singapore. Buying practical items is the most preferred by the majority of new parents. Baby clothes, diaper bags, skincare products, feeding essentials are among the perfect gifts for your hamper.


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