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Types of Thalis that you may purchase for The Festival


Raksha Bandhan is a popular Hindu festival that celebrates the pious relationship that brothers and sisters share. The festival is celebrated during the full moon day of Sravana month (July or August). On Raksha Bandhan, when sisters tie the thread on the wrist of brothers, they also take the promise of protecting them from evil influences. Sisters pray for the long life and happiness of their brothers on this day.

The festival is celebrated mainly in India and in parts of the world where Indians reside. The festival unites the entire family together just to catch glimpses of brother and sisterhood. Various things need to be kept in mind at the Rakhi festival, and among them, Rakhi Thali plays an important role. The things that you must keep in a pooja thali as per the Hindu rituals may include a Rakhi, chawal, roli, sweets, diya, incense stick along with a stand, and water. You may also keep sandalwood paste and nariyal in the thali. As you are required to purchase a pooja thali for the festival, you will find various types of them that can be described below as:

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Mirror Work Thali: These thalis are in popular demand these days as they reflect Indian culture in abundance. The beauty of mirror work thali is unique as it looks eye-catching and attractive. The mirror work gives an excellent and shimmery appearance. You may arrange a design that brings maximum beauty. Once you get hold of the thali, you may start adding the things required to complete the ceremony.

Bandhani Rakhi Thali: This is a popular thali from Gujarat. It reflects the state’s culture, and you will certainly fall in love with these stunning thalis. If you hail from Gujarat or are fond of the Gujarati culture, you may place an order for a Bandhani thali and make the Rakhi festival memorable. The thali is decorated with pieces of Bandhani material cut-outs. You will also find some small dandiya pieces on Bandhini thali.

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Silver Rakhi Thali: Silver thalis are believed to be highly promising, and you may use them for the Rakhi festival. Apart from the Raksha Bandhan festival, you may use this thali even for Deepavali and Navratri festivals. Scores of people prefer silver thalis for performing puja. You may select a Silver thali to make your Raksha Bandhan celebrations memorable. Make a Swastik at the center of Silver thali as it is considered auspicious. Now you may keep three small bowls containing chawal, roli, and sandalwood paste. You may also keep the idol of Lord Ganesh along with flower petals. Keep the Rakhi along with these items and celebrate the bond of brother and sister.

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Chocolate Thali: Rakhi festival remains incomplete without chocolates. And, buying a chocolate thali will certainly bring happiness to your sibling. You will find beautiful thalis online studded with several pieces of chocolates. Or you may also decorate the chocolates on your own if you have got some bright ideas. Younger brothers will love the sight of chocolates. You can also enhance the decoration of the chocolate thali by adding colorful and attractive wrapping materials.

Marble Thali: This is yet another popular thali that you can buy for celebrating Raksha Bandhan. You may enhance the beauty of a marble thali by adding sparkles. The marble sparkles will make the thali appear excellent yet sober. You may also think of placing marble idols of Lord Ganesha on the thali. The thali will help in creating a positive atmosphere.

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Eco-Friendly Thali: As the awareness to protect the planet Earth is on the rise, many people prefer to purchase eco-friendly thali. This thali will not only give a strong message to everyone but will also be cost-effective. These thalis are manufactured with the help of bamboo sticks in a creative manner along with decorative material. So purchase eco-friendly thali this Rakhi and let everyone know that you care for the planet.

Therefore, we may conclude that you may purchase any of the thali mentioned above this Rakhi and make the festival memorable. You will find several websites that will provide online Rakhi delivery in India.


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