April 23

Top Sports Journalism Universities In England


There are many top sports journalism universities in England. Sky, BT, BCC, talkSPORT and other top digital media outlets can provide students a much-needed quality experience. Hence, the characteristics of these educational centres become better.

Sports journalism is not one of the most craved fields to study and become professional – as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Therefore, developing nations and their universities do not pay attention towards sports journalism due to a lack of industry experience.

North American colleges are also good – but their sports are not as global as football, cricket and rugby. All these things make England cut above the rest. 

Take a look at some first-class places to study sports journalism! 

Leeds Beckett University

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Leeds Beckett University can be a decent place for local and international students to take their skills to another level. One can do bachelors and masters from one of the top Leeds universities. 

If you love football, then Leeds United can be a decent place to work for growing sports fanatics. They are an English Premier League club and can be a super option. 

Liverpool John Moores University

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Liverpool John Moores University is also a quality option to study and make a career. They only offer a master degree. This is why international students can make the most from this centre. 

At LJMU, teachers are very good and they put their all for the development of students. 

St Mary’s University, Twickenham

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It is a very good place to study sports journalism. They do offer bachelor and master degrees. The university is just outside London, with some quality infrastructure.

Some of England’s top sports journalists come from this amazing place. According to many international students, teachers are very helpful at St Mary’s University.

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More than 50 universities can provide this enigmatic course in England. However, the quality of future growth will be not possible Students take a loan to study away from home. This is why the right investments are very important.   


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