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Tips To Get Verified On Instagram


11 668x334 1 - Tips To Get Verified On Instagram

Looking to add that blue ‘verified’ checkmark to your Instagram account? Well, you don’t need to have a popular makeup brand or own a recognized business for that. Even if you are not so famous, you can still get verified on Instagram. But there is no shortcut to doing so. Moreover, submitting a request for Insta verification doesn’t guarantee that your account will get verified. Don’t worry! Below are a few tips you can try to get that blue tick in front of your Instagram account.

Grow Your Followers

Undoubtedly, the key to becoming famous on Instagram is to have a lot of people wanting to follow you. You need to have genuine followers who will interact with you and engage with your content. Also, there is no point in having fake followers just for the sake of increasing your follower count.

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Define your niche, and share high-quality content that will provide the audience with value. Keep in mind that the engagement must also be meaningful. When you are just starting your journey on Instagram, you can buy Instagram likes or followers to grow your account. Create a combination strategy of organic and inorganic likes, followers, and comments to reap long-term benefits.

Connect With Other Verified Accounts

The next tip is to befriend other verified Insta accounts. You don’t have to make Kardashian your best friend, but start getting in touch with other brands, influencers, businesses, or celebrities. Engage with like-minded people. Don’t just lie and follow; comment and connect!

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Avoid being too creepy about your Insta connections. Instead, engage with people you share similar interests with. Suppose your favorite Insta personality is looking for some makeup recommendations, you can give suggestions in the comment section. This builds your reputation and give your authenticity.

Request Verification When Your Name Is In The News

Is your Instagram being featured in multiple news sources? Did your recent white paper or press release get popular? If PR isn’t a priority for your business, you may face difficulty proving your credibility and authenticity. You can’t submit a proof on how notable you are. Instagram does its own research. So. It’s up to you to ensure that you are in the top list. Also, if you have experienced some attention, it is high time to apply for verification as your name is still hot.

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Be Honest And Authentic

While this thing is a no-brainer, it is crucial to highlight because the results could be devastating. While submitting your application for a verification request, be honest above everything else. For example, use your real name. Pick the right category. Don’t fake anything. Upload the legit documents. If anything suspicious is found in your application, Instagram will not only deny your request, but they may also delete your account.

Don’t Use Any Cross-Platform Links In Your Instagram Bio

According to Instagram, verified accounts can’t have ‘add me’ links to other social media platforms in their bios. However, you can mention links to your landing pages, website, or other online resources. Just make sure not to link to your Twitter or YouTube account. If you already have a verified badge on your Facebook profile, you can link it to your Instagram account to prove your authenticity.

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Don’t Try To Buy A Blue Checkmark

There is no scarcity of fraudulent cases on Instagram too. If someone mentions in your comment section that his brother works for Instagram, don’t trust him blind-eyed. While it seems enticing to pay money in return of Insta verification badge, you should avoid it at all costs. The same thing applies to third-party apps, or accounts that guarantee a refund.

Remember, Instagram scammers know that you feel emotions about getting the blue check. In fact, some even succeed in luring the innocent Instagrammers. So, stay cautious. Instagram will never ask for payment or will never contact you.

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So, these are some of the less-known tips that can help you get that blue tick in front of your Instagram profile. Improve your profile, be honest, put the best efforts, and reap the benefits of your new blue mark of authority.


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