January 16

TikTok for Business: How to Use It for B2B Lead Generation Company’s Development?


Modern online promotion trends have many distinctive characteristics, due to being:

  • dynamic;
  • varied;
  • versatile.

Among them, particularly dynamic is the TikTok application, which has managed not only to attract many users around the world, but also to offer new business opportunities. Every modern B2B Lead Generation Company strives to use the maximum of the possibilities of this social network. The B2B lead generation company Belkins offers to find out how it’s done.

TikTok and New Business Lead: What Is the Link?

TikTok is a streaming service for watching short videos on various topics. Over the past year, the number of downloads of this application worldwide amounted to more than 17 million, which indicates the growing popularity of the application.

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tiktok and new business lead - TikTok for Business: How to Use It for B2B Lead Generation Company’s Development?

tiktok and new business lead - TikTok for Business: How to Use It for B2B Lead Generation Company’s Development?

The secret of the popularity of this social network lies in several features:

  • focus on interactive content, mainly using music;
  • a wide range of filters and tools to create more interesting content;
  • focus on the personalized interests of each user (artificial intelligence plays an important role in identifying those).

Like any other similar application, TikTok today cannot be viewed solely as an entertainment platform. It has long become a tool for attracting business leads for companies with different scales and specifics of activity. Moreover, its effectiveness is in no way inferior to other, more traditional tools for attracting the target audience.

Attracting new business leads is largely facilitated by TikTok lead generation forms, which have appeared relatively recently. Therefore, brands are starting to use TikTok as another promotional tool to expand the reach of the target audience.

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Target Audience and TikTok: New Points of Contact

In order to better understand and effectively use TikTok’s power for promoting a brand and finding B2B leads, we first need to define who the users of this platform are.

It would not be a mistake to say that this social network initially had a predominantly younger audience. As of March 2021, the number of users by age in the US was broken down as follows:

target audience and tiktok - TikTok for Business: How to Use It for B2B Lead Generation Company’s Development?

target audience and tiktok - TikTok for Business: How to Use It for B2B Lead Generation Company’s Development?

Most TikTok users are still teenagers and young adults. However, this does not mean that other age groups are less active. This means that companies, regardless of their specialization, can find new business leads among the many TikTok users.

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If we compile a general portrait of TikTok users based on the above statistics, their distinctive features will include the following:

  • the ability to track multiple trends at the same time;
  • the desire to choose only content that exactly matches their interests and expectations;
  • high interest not only in viewing the content they like, but also in creating it.

All these characteristics can be transposed with full confidence to the B2B sales lead generation process carried out using TikTok tools.

How to Effectively Attract Business to Business Leads Using TikTok?

To get the most out of your lead generation process through the TikTok platform, marketers advise adhering to a few basic principles:

  • focus on a younger audience, which will provide an opportunity to take the company to a new level of activity and increase your future profits;
  • make the most of mobile devices – most TikTok users use them, so make sure that your pages display correctly, even when switching to the full version of the site;
  • cooperate with top influencers on the platform – they will not only help in promoting the brand, but also attract the necessary target audience;
  • use all available advertising tools on TikTok – from paid ads in the feed to instant forms that contain a link to the company’s website;
  • make sure that the content in your account is not only interactive and engaging, but also communicates the brand’s values and mission;
  • use the right hashtags – they will help to attract the right target audience and improve the process of establishing mutual contacts.
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Unlike other acquisition tools, TikTok gives you the opportunity to buy quality business leads.

How to Create a Business Account on TikTok: Step by Step Guide

Getting started with TikTok lead generation is pretty easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The whole process consists of several simple steps:

  1. Create your brand account. It will not only represent your company, but also give you the tools to set up and monitor the effectiveness of the promotion. If you don’t have an account yet, you need to register in the application. Then, in the “Account Management” field, select the “Switch to business account” option.
  2. Choose your category. After completing the first steps, you will be prompted to select the category that best represents your company’s activities. This is necessary in order to better present your brand to B2B sales leads. In the Settings & Privacy menu, you can fine-tune your analytics tools to get faster results.
  3. Create an advertising campaign. To promote your brand on TikTok more effectively, use the TikTok Lead Generation feature. Here you can place an ad group by specifying placement options, targeting data, bids and optimization conditions in the settings.
  4. Add videos and instant lead forms. Video content should be added not only to the profile, but also to ads. The video should contain brief key information about the brand and a call to action. Instant forms are necessary for the user to complete all the actions expected of them, so you need to add the necessary fields to fill out and active links to your website.
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To track lead generation more effectively, you can synchronize your account and email. To do this, you can use a special email spam checker app. With its help, you will also be able to keep in touch with your customers and business partners. Spam checker can also be used to protect your email.

Why the relationship between business leads and TikTok is so important

Despite many companies still being cautious about TikTok, its effectiveness has already received due appreciation from users and experts. Promotion through this platform provides many benefits, including:

  • attracting a younger audience;
  • the opportunity to present yourself in a non-trivial way with the help of short engaging videos;
  • almost instantaneous tracking of the results of interaction with the audience;
  • the ability to establish transparent relationships not only with users, but also with business partners.
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At the same time, TikTok is suitable for B2B lead generation not only for a small business, but also for companies with a larger scale of activity. If you are still not sure whether you can master TikTok, cast aside your doubts and use the services of our b2b lead generation company. Start using TikTok’s popularity to your advantage today!


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