November 26

Things To Avoid When Getting Invisalign


When you first find out that you need to get braces, the initial reaction is often less-than-pleasant. However, after some time, you will likely consider wearing braces as a fashion statement. This is because teeth are straightened using Invisalign aligners designed to go undetected by friends and family members. Read on and learn a few things to avoid when getting Invisalign.

#1. Wrong Provider

The first thing to bear in mind when getting Invisalign is that not all providers are the same. Some providers provide better treatment, while others spend less time with patients and more money on their conveniences. It’s important to find a provider who takes pride in their work so you can get the best possible service.

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#2. Cheap Alternatives

Another common mistake people make when getting Invisalign is settling for cheap alternatives. Many providers sell knock-offs of the official braces, but if you go this route, you will likely have to pay for any corrective procedures needed down the line yourself since your warranty will be null and void once you start using these cheap alternatives.

#3. Not Going to the Dentist

If you need Invisalign, you probably visit the dentist regularly for cleanings, checkups, and other routine procedures. Even though it isn’t required, you should continue to go to the dentist when getting Invisalign in order to avoid any health issues that may be detrimental or at least time-consuming when trying to correct your teeth straightening with normal braces.

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#4. Not Reading the Fine Print

Different providers offer different warranties, and similar Invisalign plans may cost more than others. You should try to find a provider who offers the best warranty at an affordable price so you can avoid costly additional payments down the line.

#5. Forgetting About Your New Straight Teeth

It’s easy to forget about your new teeth when making so many trips to your dentist every month for several years on end. However, brushing your teeth regularly with whitening toothpaste is necessary to maintain optimum health and keep up with hygiene standards even though you won’t be able to see them anymore.

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#6. Not Using the Right Toothpaste

When brushing your teeth, it’s important to use toothpaste that your dentist has approved. This is because other types of toothpaste, such as whitening and tartar control pastes, can damage Invisalign braces if used regularly or incorrectly, leading to costly repairs later on.

#7. Not Taking Care of Your Teeth the Right Way

As stated above, proper teeth care is important when wearing Invisalign braces. This means that you shouldn’t let yourself go without brushing your teeth, flossing regularly, and seeing the dentist for cleanings. Teeth can get extremely dirty after not being cleaned for some time, leading to cavities or worse problems down the line. Invisalign cost is something you should take into consideration when going through the process. It is a good idea to compare prices from various providers in your area so you can get a better idea of how much your Invisalign will cost. Invisalign braces are an attractive alternative to normal metal braces, but they aren’t for everybody. You may also be able to find dental insurance that covers orthodontic care in some cases, which would leave you with nothing more than the usual co-pay at your regular dentist. Visit this site for more info about Invisalign.

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#8. Smoking/Eating Certain Foods

It is common knowledge that smoking cigarettes leads to many health issues, including tooth decay and gum disease. However, it’s also important to avoid consuming foods such as popcorn because they can become stuck between Invisalign aligners in certain areas of your mouth. It is difficult to remove the residue without a toothpick.

#9. Drinking Carbonated Drinks

Drinking carbonated drinks such as soda can lead to cavities and other health complications, which will require additional money for treatment down the line. In addition, you should also avoid consuming sugary foods because they cause plaque buildup on teeth which makes them more susceptible to decay from acidic foods or drinks.

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In conclusion, getting Invisalign braces requires a lot of patience, but if you follow these points, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful smile in no time at all! Again, if you need help with getting Invisalign, visit your dentist today.

Author name– Hannah Gilbert



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