August 27

The Surgasugar Slot Machine in Indonesia


After my Surgeon friend pointed me to a place called “Slot Pulse” in Singapore, I started to wonder what this place was. It is a small casino with about 30 slot machines and it seems to be mainly for the local people. This is surprising because the area has a population of over a million people. However, the casino is actually very nice; the decorator did a good job of giving the casino a retro Asian feel. There are three casino rooms in total and they are all fairly similar.

The slot machines are situated on Level 3 and they look like a set of mini slot machines. I was really excited to try out the first machine I saw and the casino attendant told me that I had won something. She handed me the winning code and I quickly looked over to see what happened next. The code had been scratched onto the machine’s keypad. The screen was cracked and there was some dust on the keys.

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Machine with same code

I asked her if there was another machine with that same code. She indicated that there were only two machines in the casino that had that particular code. I asked her if she could tell me where the third machine might be. She handed me a wrinkled piece of paper with a number scratched on it.

It was a number I recognized. There was no mistaking it for any other. The second machine was positioned in the very back of the very last casino room that you enter when you enter slot pulsa tanpa potongan surgaplay. I approached the woman who was in charge of the machines and asked her where the second machine was. She motioned to a spot behind the second machine.

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The entrance to this area was blocked by a man. The man didn’t want me to access the machine that held the number for the slot player. He motioned to the machine where the third number was located. I motioned back and the woman told me that the second machine was out of service and they weren’t likely to be reinstalled anytime soon. I smiled and motioned for her to lead me to the machine where the third number was. I popped the third slot and began playing.

I was lucky. The woman who was handling the slots knew that this was a game that I enjoyed. She offered to let me use her slot machines for the price that I paid for the first machine. She also gave me a key to use to get into the back of the machine. Without hesitation, I popped the third slot and began playing.

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As luck would have it, there was only one person in front of me at the time and she didn’t notice the machine. The woman next to me didn’t even hear the machine hit the floor but I heard it from my ear. The slot player who was still in the booth didn’t notice the machine hitting the ground as I continued to play.

When the third slot player in front of me played her third bet she hit the third slot and her ball flashed down the aisle. I instinctively turned my head in that direction. My ears were alert to every noise that came from that machine. I saw a dark figure fall to the ground, then a voice said “You’ve just spent three times the maximum amount of credits on that machine!”

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The lights went on and the woman began yelling at the operator. When she jumped over the counter, I thought she was having a heart attack. Then the operator came over to me. He handed me a receipt for the three credits I’d spent and asked me where I’d lost them.

I told him I’d lost them on one of the machines at the casino. He laughed and said “There’s no one here! They’re all gone!” I asked why he was telling me that. He explained that all of the machines are linked and that if one machine was stolen the other ones would also stop playing. We went back to our table and I told him I felt like I should have paid more attention.

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That’s when I learned my mistake. I immediately put a few more credits on the machine, hoping I could get another shot at it. Sure enough, the lady was correct again. I told her I felt like I should have paid more attention, but she told me it wasn’t worth the lost money, and we never played that slot machine again.


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