February 11

The Sports Where You’re Most Likely to Get Injured



Injuries are a part of all sports. They can range from a scuffed elbow to broken bones and could be the cause of the death of a player. Each year, nearly 2 million people suffer injuries from sports, and more than 70 percent of them are children and teens.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the riskiest sports. The majority of athletes and players who are new aren’t aware of the facts. Therefore, this article seeks to present an outline of the riskiest sports and a detailed guide on how to avoid injuries when playing these.

  1. American Football

Injuries from American football are the most common among teens. The most frequent injuries related to football include strains, tears of the ligament, wrist, and shoulder fractures that can cause dislocations of the shoulders, as well as cuts and bruises.

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Injuries from football can lead to serious brain injuries and concussions.

Security Measures:

  • Limit contact with the head and wear your helmet.

* Warm-up prior to playing.

* Wear pads and other necessary safety equipment.

* It’s recommended to drink plenty of water.

Regular physical examinations are a good way to help to prevent damage that can last for a long time.

  1. Basketball

Basketball is the single most played game played by all ages, and most popular for young adults and teenagers. Strains, sprains, and general trauma resulting from the immense pressure placed on joints are not uncommon.

Security Measures:

* Wear a mouthguard.

* Wear elbow and knee pads.

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* Wear eye protection.

* Wear shock-absorbing shoes.

* Wrapping tapes are recommended for your ankles and feet.

* Get yourself trained.

  1. Football/Soccer

Young teenagers and children from the age of 4 to 14 are the most susceptible to Football injuries due to it being an athletic game that requires collisions and contact. Shoes worn by players typically have spikes that can result in more swelling and damage. A lot of athletes have ended their playing careers in soccer because of injuries that it causes. While football is among the most intriguing games in the world, it ranks first in the world of sports betting on online casino betFIRST.

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Security Measures:

* Learn to train yourself so that you are familiar with the methods for a correct head strike.

  1. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey isn’t as popular as basketball, football or American football. But, the injuries sustained when playing ice hockey can be extremely dangerous, as the majority of them are concussions. Broken bones, serious cuts, and bruises are also very frequent.

Security Measure:

* Avoid contact with your head when playing.

* If you’ve suffered an injury and seek medical attention immediately.

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is among the most played sports too. The constant jumping can really take a toll, and hitting the ball wrongly can injure your wrists and fingers.

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Security Measure:

* Bend your knees when jumping and landing.

* You must wear elbow and knee protectors.

  1. Boxing

It is likely to be the sport that is most prone to injuries. Most injuries that are common include concussions, wrist strains fingers, strains on the fingers as well as hand fractures, facial trauma and dislocated shoulders back pain, neck pain, long-term strain injuries in the neck, shoulders calves, back, knees, and feet.

Security Measures:

* Always wear a helmet (unless, of course, you’re in a professional fight).

* Apply grease to your face.

* Use the highest-quality gloves.

* Wrap your hands


Be aware of the risks of injury and dangers that could be posed before you are swept off by the fame of every sport. It is also advised to enroll yourself in sports coaching or training session. Don’t forget to speak with an experienced medical professional. In the end, you must take care of your health as well as your overall health.

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