October 17

Simple Tips to create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom

There are many little things you can do to create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. Perhaps the most important step is to choose the right materials for your bedding and blankets. Cotton, wool, or down may be your best choice depending on how cold it gets in your area. If you have a window with good natural light, place curtains over it that let in some light, but block out the sun’s harsh rays when needed. You’ll also want to invest in some nice sheets if you don’t already have them!

Also, try going to a fabric store and finding some solid-colored sheets. You can get them in pretty much any color, as long as it’s not light.

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If you are interested in Interior design, you can consider enrolling in the free Interior design courses, created by Home Design Institute. Then you will be able to make the design of your own bedroom, so as to bring a unique look.

The bedding is one of the most important accents 

There are many different styles, sizes and prices when it comes to an attractive set of sheets, comforter or duvet cover. There is something for everyone at Target, JCPenney. When using more than one color in your design scheme make sure they aren’t too similar. If there is no contrast the colors will blend into nothing making the room appear bland, instead of bold and vibrant. To decorate your windows, hang sheers on paned windows or curtains on sliding windows. Add a touch of color by placing drapes, which are draped to the side instead of hanging straight.

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Remember that there are other options besides flowers for window treatments. You can find bold colored items or solids with matching valances or panels you can place on either side of the window frame. If your room has several windows, consider using one color for your drapes and another color for your valance paired with coordinating sheers to help brighten up the area without blocking light from entering the room. The rule that goes along with this is each additional shade must be darker than the first so as not to visually confuse viewers.

Choose a nice pastel color for your walls

One good color scheme for a bedroom is a bright white with a pop of accent color on the walls. This can be done by choosing a blue shade for one wall or pink for another, whatever contrasts nicely with the white will look nice in your room as well! To save money on paint, think about going with an off-white which will still brighten up the space but keep costs low. If you have some extra time then painting is always fun to do.

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Throw blankets are so versatile – they can be used for so many things such as adding warmth, layering the bed for the chilly winter nights, and added decoration. You can have a few different ones on the bed depending on what mood you are in that day. You can have a pink throw blanket with some floral or animal patterns on it. This adds a subtle hint of color but also brings in some extra vibrancy, so it doesn’t look too plain.

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Add some candles for cozy feeling and warmth 

Add a candle in a pretty holder – this gives you the combination of the votives and the candles. It also allows for a little more light in your room if you’re someone who is afraid of the dark or doesn’t like to turn on lamps when getting ready in the morning. Candles are always welcomed to bring a cozy, special and romantic atmosphere in your room. Also, they are known to calm down and remove the negative energy (Sha) from your room.

Another great idea is to hang up some cool artwork or photos of your family – depending on what you put up, it can give your room a warm and inviting feel to it. Photos are great because it ties back to the theme of family. Family is something that’s so important to me and I want to have it shown in my home.

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