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Should You Play Scratch-off Tickets? Yes, and Here’s Why


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Congrats! You have the winning lotto numbers!

The odds of winning the lottery are astronomical, yet people still buy scratch-off tickets on the off chance that they experience a win. It can happen to anyone, so why not you?

Despite the low chance of winning money from a lottery ticket, the rush of scratching off numbers is enough for people to buy one… or two.

Although it’s hard to increase your chances of winning, there are tips that gamblers swear by. Keep reading to learn what to do when shopping for lottery tickets.

Don’t Buy the Cheap Ones

The scratch-off lottery ticket options available might seem overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with them. The key thing to know about the different designs and brands is that the price is an important factor.

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It’s tempting to go for the cheaper tickets, but the prize pool is lower. For this reason, you are better off buying a higher-priced scratch card.

Check Your State’s Remaining Prizes

What a lot of people don’t know is that states publish the number of grand prizes remaining for each game. This is a transparency measure to prove to the public that odds are fair.

For example, if you want an NC scratch off, you’d look up the prizes left in North Carolina.

Scratch-off games still get sold even when no grand prizes remain. This means you won’t be able to win big, but you could get a few bucks on a random lotto ticket.

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However, there are some games where only one ticket is the winner. Be sure to read the fine print on a lotto ticket to understand the odds.

Your losing lottery ticket might be worth money. Some lotteries offer second chances so it’s always a good idea to keep even a losing ticket.

Calculating Scratch-off Odds

To find the best scratch-off game, image this very simple scenario:

  • There are a total of 10 lotto tickets
  • Each ticket costs $1
  • The single grand prize is worth $5

With these circumstances, there are 10 tickets and only one winner which makes your chance of winning 1 in 10 or 10%. If you buy every ticket, you lose $1 nine times and $5 one time so you wouldn’t get a return.

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Typically, this would be a bad game for anyone but you don’t have to buy all of the tickets in real life. Sit back and wait to watch the state’s website as they update the number of tickets sold and prizes remaining.

The odds increase when more tickets are sold and the grand prize is still not won.

Scratch-off Tickets: Are They Worth the Money?

Although the odds of winning the lottery are low, scratch-off tickets don’t cost much to play. If you have a few extra dollars lying around, it’s never a bad idea to buy a few lottery tickets just for fun.

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If you are serious about winning, don’t buy the cheapest tickets out there. Your best chance of increasing your odds is to check with your state’s lotto winnings.

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