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Sell Your Home Fast With These Great Tips and Tricks


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Did you know that approximately 5 million previously-owned homes are for sale each year in the United States?

Of course, this number fluctuates from year to year along with the housing market, but for decades, this is the consistent average.

If it’s time to sell your home, what are you waiting for? The housing market is better than ever right now, and you as the seller have a great advantage. Read on to learn how to sell your humble abode at lightning speed.

Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

Perhaps you’re postponing selling your home because you know that it’s a hassle to find the right realtor to assist you. However, did you know that you can sell your own home unassisted?

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If you want to sell your house without hiring a realtor, you can list it as a home for sale by owner. Plenty of websites that specialize in listing houses for sale have an option for listings from homeowners directly.

You can recruit someone to write your listing for you, or you can write it yourself. Then, you just have to show the home and choose an offer if a buyer is interested.

To save yourself the headache of working directly with prospective new homeowners, you can take an easier route instead. You can choose the less traditional option and sell your home to a company that specializes in buying houses for cash. They are often found under labels such as we buy houses, or we’ll buy your house for cash. This is a good way to go if you want to sell your home as-is.

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Renovate Before Selling Your Home

If you’re more interested in selling your home to another family like your own rather than to a company that buys houses, there are numerous ways to make your home more enticing to prospective buyers. For instance, you can make light renovations right before you list your home.

Boost the home’s curb appeal by painting the home’s exterior and repairing any damage to your sidewalk or front steps. Spruce up the inside of your home as well by coating the main rooms with some fresh paint.

Stage Your Home

You don’t have to be a home staging expert to make your house more desirable to a buyer. When preparing to sell your home, make a few small changes inside to make it more hospitable to a prospective buyer.

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The point of home staging is to help the prospective buyer envision the home as their own.

For example, baking chocolate chip cookies just before a showing of the house is a simple yet effective way to stage your home. You should also declutter all bedrooms and bathrooms, and take out as many of your personal touches from the common areas of the house as you can.

It’s inconvenient to live out of boxes before you make the sale, but home staging may be well worth your trouble in the end.

Beyond the Home Sale

Are you more confident in selling your home with the above tips? You can try any combination of selling as-is, staging your home, and doing light renovations in order to sell your property and make a new home elsewhere in a reasonable amount of time.

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