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Perks of learning and working cooperatively


A workflow consists of a memorable pattern of activity, systematic organization that provides services and process information. Workflow refers to the uninterrupted movement of work this means that work should move on slowly smoothly without any barriers sometimes person deviate from their path and forget what really important people just go and get into the perfect best companies they opt for meaningless technologies creates new courses which are not even worth it. The company forgets what important is and that is too aware of the employees and teach them the basic thing that is learning in the flow of work.

Employees take a good amount of time to retain and learn new techniques and it’s really difficult for them all store to give a prolong intense attention. According to Birsen “research shows more micro things we do more urge for macro things grows “.This is the basic human behaviour they mix up important learnings with these more learnings. Eventually when the person becomes master of a particular thing the person starts coaching or mentoring others will stop moreover both formats can be helpful depending upon the employees macro or structured learning is great for employees who want to indulge themselves in new skills or they want to excel in their jobs macro offers a holistic view and also empowers you with deeper knowledge whereas micro or unstructured learning aids the employees to solve the unexpected problems improve the quality of work and also help them to adopt changes.

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Given below are the comparisons of micro learning and macro learning:

  • Micro learning is based on need and to excel in the job whereas macro learning is based typically on the new employees and the new system.
  • The basic foundation of microlearning is that they learn accordingly and collect the information regarding the movement whereas macro learning helps to develop a deeper understanding and the person also becomes a master in the skills and hence they start coaching others.
  • Learning format is quite different in micro and macro learning micro depends upon social learning and unstructured learning whereas in macro it is the classroom learning, the online learning or the structured learnings.
  • Micro learning access to respond to every individual they also complete the task very quickly whereas macro takes time, it is time-consuming and it is a linear instruction.
  • Examples of micro are solving everyday problems, quality of work and more skilled persons whereas in macro there’s always something new, skill development and its onboarding.
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Learning in the flow of work is also known as adaptive learning. Putting embedded learning in the workflow helps employees to get things properly they enhance their skills more. Moreover, the basic rule of learning in the flow of work is to include 4 E’s in your content that is education, experience, exposure and environment. Education is the foremost important thing that is made up of pieces of training, workshops, courses etc. In addition to this experience refers to the learning aspect of every day is life as learning is something new every day this includes a checklist, assignments etc. In exposure, the main focus is upon the relationships that we maintain with other people, with our clients and that enhances our courage and boost up our confidence. Lastly, the environment plays a very vital role in this it includes tools system that supports continuous learning in this digital era for example mobile, laptops, tabs, computers etc are the environment that we create. Many of the above expect overlap but if they are put together it’s invincible in our career.

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Furthermore, Learning continuously is not just about technology but also the human culture it is important to bring an organizational culture that encourages learning that will help to build skilful employees, sharing the knowledge connecting mentor internally and externally via social networks. As new e-learning platforms are enabling and creating awareness over the traditional methods. That will improve the learning aspects of employees as well. But always remember memorable learning is not about e-learning only but also about humans and culture too. Learning tools provided to employees should be of good quality and sourced so that attention can be retained for a long time. There is a rapid change in the traditional format now it is based on performance promotions are done in thus industries are moving towards the right direction.

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