December 11

Perfect Gifts For Your Tiny Readers!


Are you sometimes put in awe when you look at your cute kid just going over a book?

Do you think that your avid reader is going crazy for the new world they are settling in?

Well, you are not alone! Many children tend to develop a taste for reading and imagining at an early age.

For such young and creative minds, you always have to keep up and be unique!

From designer book covers, labels and kids library bags to cute stationery, one has to think about everything.

Well, here is a list of items that you can give your beloved kid to ensure that her/his habits and creativity just blooms into something beautiful.

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Book covers

Well, if your kid is a bit too particular about their beloved books and just likes to keep them in perfect condition, this is the best thing you can give them. It also has a wide range and variety of options depending on the size and type of print you want.

If you have a little more enthusiasm and energy, you can also make them a waterproof book cover that you think they might like. It will be a great idea for any personalised gift. You can add in all the things you know your child likes! You can include some cartoon cutouts and make them in their favourite colour too.

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Not only will it be spillproof and protect their books, but it will also remind them of you whenever they read the book. Apart from this, it will increase a book’s shelf-life too!


Illustration board (white/blackboard)

To ensure that your child’s creativity has no bounds, let them be creative with what they make on their illustration boards! You can help them draw their favourite character or maybe their favourite part of the book.

The idea here is to enhance their imagination and boost their creativity. It’s childhood where children develop most of their interests. The right resources will help your kid develop some productive hobbies!

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Library bags

These cute bags are just a perfect partner for your kid’s day out plans!

Available in a variety of prints in the market, you can buy kids library bags for their books. They can be used as home storage options for small kids’ items and as a carry bag when you go outside your house.

Kids can attach their name tags to it so that it’s easier for them to locate in school or other public settings.


A DIY game to make bookmarks

Well, who does not love a good game of Do-It-Yourself! Right?

Kids are small energy bundles wrapped up in cute little bodies; they love activities. Giving them goodie bags filled with articles that they can use to make bookmarks will excite them and make reading more fun.

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You can help them with designing bookmarks and make happy memories by spending time together doing art and craft.


A tiny bookshelf of their height

What’s better than a book organiser for your book lover?

A rack where they can arrange all their books, maybe alphabetically or with colour coordination!

A book rack will give them easy access to their favourite reads and, at the same time, will ensure that the house is a little less messy with everything in place.

To make the mini-library more personalised, kids can add stickers on the shelf or make some beautiful drawings on its corner walls. Ultimately, the aim of that shelf is for them to feel that it’s their private storage space.

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Author name– Hannah Gilbert


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