February 14

Online Casino vs. Land-Based Casino: Who Wins?


Since the pandemic hit the whole planet, online casino games have become even more prevalent among people who needed entertainment during lockdowns. Land-based casinos shut down, and most players switched to online casino versions.

However, considering we’ve been living with the pandemic for two years now, and COVID restrictions are easing, land-based casinos are opening their doors to loyal customers again. Now that they are back in business, one question remains: are they better than online casinos?

Read on as we answer the question to help you decide which option suits your needs better.

What are online casinos?

Casino games are fun and made for people who want to experience an adrenaline rush and thrill while playing them. To understand and play online casino games, you don’t need any previous knowledge.

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They are pretty straightforward, and most people need to play just a couple of games to understand the rules and gameplay. These games are not complex, and you only need a bit of luck, fast fingers, and strong nerves to stay calm when you’re losing.

Online casinos are constantly evolving, and people can now experience the same thrill and excitement as land-based casinos offer. For example, an online casino on Genting provides you a service to play live casino games. Those are real-time games, with actual wheels, cards, and dealers.

Pros and cons of online casinos


  • Convenience

The best thing about online casino games is that you can play them 24/7 without traveling to the nearest land-based casino. You can enjoy games from the comfort of your home. More online casinos are available on mobile devices, meaning you can play your favorite slot games on the go.

  • Wide range of available game options
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Online casinos have evolved in many ways. They now offer a wide range of different games so anyone can find something that suits their style and preference.

  • Promotions and bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are keeping players involved and inspired to play. Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos constantly offer bonuses (e.g., welcome and deposit bonuses) and daily, weekly, and monthly promotions.

If you want some of the best bonuses on online slots UK – play casino slot machine games on PrimeSlots.

  • Secure multiple payment options

Besides multiple payment options, online casinos offer safe financial transactions to their players. You can play casino games from any country you want because they offer flexible payment options.

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  • No real personal interaction

Online casinos have real-time games where you can virtually communicate with dealers and other players. However, if you’re more into face-to-face contact, online casinos may not be your cup of tea.

Introduction to land-based casinos

The first land-based casino ever opened in 1638. Since then, the world has been obsessed with casino games and the adrenaline rush experience. Go here to read more about the history of land-based casinos.

Land-based casinos are nothing like their online counterparts because you have to visit an establishment to play the games.

The specific atmosphere in land-based casinos is the first thing that attracts people to come back for more. They offer glamour, elegance, and personal interaction with other players. However, most tables and slot games limit the number of players.

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What are the pros and cons of land-based casinos?


  • Stimulating environment

The atmosphere alone in land-based casinos is stimulating. Hundreds of people play exciting casino games around you, which motivates you to play and win.

  • Socializing with people

If you’re interested in meeting new people and prefer to play games with real dealers, a land-based casino can provide that experience. However, that is no longer just an advantage of land-based casinos. Online casinos also have real-time games where you can interact with players and dealers.


  • Limited game options

Land-based casinos are limited in terms of physical space. Therefore, unlike online casinos, you don’t have an option to play your favorite game if they don’t physically have it on their offer.

  • Exposed game strategy
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Players can see your facial expressions and track how you act while playing. If poker is your go-to casino game, you wouldn’t want anyone knowing your gaming strategy.

  • Strict working hours

You can visit land-based casinos only during their working hours. On the other hand, online casinos are available 24/7.


Playing casino games has always been an attractive form of entertainment. Some people are excited to visit a land-based casino, meet new people, and enjoy the glamour and glitz.

However, we can freely say that online casinos win the battle because they have an undeniable advantage over their physical counterparts. They offer a unique and flexible experience, and they are available to everyone.

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As time goes on, many land-based casinos are switching to online versions, confirming that the digital world is slowly taking over the spotlight.


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