February 21

Limited Edition NFTs Now on FabriikX for $100 Each With All Proceeds Going to Ukraine Relief


Limited edition Ukraine-themed NFTs in two unique designs are now available on FabriikX for $100 each. One-hundred percent of sales will go to the United Ukrainian-American Relief Committee (UUARC), a Philadelphia-based international humanitarian organization working to provide aid to Ukrainians for almost 80 years.

The limited-edition Ukraine-themed NFTs are the product of a collaboration between Ukrainian-American sports club Tryzub, curation-focused NFT marketplace FabriikX and community of NFT holders NFTfamiliars. Both NFT platforms are built on the BSV blockchain, the largest public blockchain capable of limitless scaling.

“I [believe an NFT sale over a blockchain is] an ideal way to transfer funds directly to those in need. Offering a digital image that remain[s] on-chain is a reminder of the impact that we have on others in their times of need,” managing partner at NFTfamiliars Adam Hawley explained.

Hawley and Ukrainian-American consultant and tech executive Yuriy Porytko of Tryzub are the two proponents of the idea of using the popularity of NFTs to support the Ukrainian people who are currently fighting for their country in a Russian invasion that has been called a “David vs. Goliath” war.

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“It was an easy decision for us to get involved in this project and we are delighted that FabriikX has come on board to help with the process of minting these highly collectable NFTs to support such a vital cause,” Hawley said.

Coming in two unique versions entitled “Stand with Ukraine” and the “Ukrainian Effort,” these limited edition NFTs have been priced at $100 to reflect the average amount being donated to UUARC. By buying these collectible NFTs, collectors have a valuable piece of history in exchange for supporting the people of Ukraine, who are battling for democracy against a savage war initiated by Russia.

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“The NFT allows the donor to retain a gift in return as a reminder, or, for possible tie-ins that may come forward in the future. NFTs are popular right now so why not shift the gears and show people they can be useful tools beyond just their focus as speculative assets,” Hawley stated.

ukranian efforts - Limited Edition NFTs Now on FabriikX for $100 Each With All Proceeds Going to Ukraine Relief

ukranian efforts - Limited Edition NFTs Now on FabriikX for $100 Each With All Proceeds Going to Ukraine Relief

Designed to show support for Ukraine, which essentially is also making a statement in favor of democracy, “Stand with Ukraine” has a statue in front of a picket fence painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag that, according to Hawley, “is like an angel standing tall to protect her people.” The “Ukrainian Effort” NFT has the Ukraine coat of arms emboldened over the same picket fence backdrop.

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“The picket fence symbolized the value that can come from many pieces bonding together to form protection. And the idea of using the coat of arms came from me—I see it as representing both the strength and the precarious fate of the Ukrainian people which is lying in the balance,” Porytko revealed.

As global news is bombarded with reports and features on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, everyone is updated on the rise of civilian death toll and the departure of the old, women and children from their beloved country, while the men are left to take arms.

Ukraine now is the modern face of a heroic country fighting for their freedom and democracy. These limited edition NFTs will not only support the embattled people of Ukraine, but are also symbols that people all over the world are coming together in support of Ukraine and democracy.

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