July 25

Know the Difference between Custom Roll Labels and Sheet Labels and How to Choose the Right One


Labeling a product is the basic requirement of any small or big company. In the initial stages of your business, you can think of giving private labeling a chance. By doing this you can have access to the whole supply chain without having to bother about building your networks. Nevertheless, while the reputed companies have already decided their choice, it’s the new companies that may have hesitations choosing between custom roll labels and sheet labels for their products. Your choice of labels will depend on your requirement. But for that, you have to have some basic knowledge about them. So here’s a complete guide that will help you to arrive at the right decision.

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Sheet Labels

In sheet labels, you get blank labels on high-quality printer paper versions. Laser printers and inkjet printers are used to make these. Usually, they are available in 8.5” by 11” sheets but that too can be customized. Materials used for creating such labels vary from being waterproof, white matte, clear, or gloss white. Color variations are also available. These sheets would do best if they are used for shorter label runs. But if you want to get them in a bulk then it might become too expensive for you. If you have just started your business and are in doubt about which label will serve the purpose of your product, then this is the option you should use to try out the different label designs. Some printing companies even give you the option to get one sheet label printed for trial purposes. They can also be used to produce address labels, mailing labels, etc.

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Roll Labels

This is an inexpensive way of your labels getting printed that too in a bulk. These labels are spun around circular cardboards. Thermal transfer printers, ink roll printers, and direct thermal printers are the preferred choice of the label manufacturing companies to print roll labels. They can be customized in any way you want them to be. Roll labels are best suited for creating packaging labels. The white ink printing option is also available if you choose to order roll labels. If you go for customized labels, you can also ask for an extra layer of protective laminate (gloss or matte) for durability and protection.

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Other factors to consider

Storage space: At the beginning of any business, space for accommodating all the things needed, can be challenging at times. Storing sheet labels can take much space than roll labels as they come in boxes. But one roll label can hold up to a thousand labels or more.

Application: Dispensers are used to apply roll labels. So it’s an easier task applying them than a sheet label. If you are using manpower to do the job, then sheet labels would be best suited for you.

Change in design: Depending on the demand of the market, often companies need to change the designs of their wholesale labels. But if this happens frequently in your company, then you should order sheet labels in smaller quantities. That will save from any wastage happening. Custom-made designs are highly in demand now. Factors that can impact a custom made design are –

  • Material – Choose the opaque white material as it will give you ample freedom to experiment with the design format.
  • Color – Contrasting color schemes should be used for the labels. Good color schemes are sure to catch the eyes of the customers.
  • Graphics – Same can be said for the graphics. The more appealing the graphics, the more the product stands a chance of getting noticed by the people among an array of other similar products.
  • Font – This is also crucial for any product label. All information provided on the label should be readable.
  • Size and shape – Choosing the right size and shape will depend solely on the packaging that you would be using for your products.
  • The same label with different information – Many companies have the same products with multiple variations like a company may be selling mayonnaise but they might be of different flavors. So the labels used in this case would look the same with the same shape, size, and font, but the only variation will be in printing the information.
  • Contact Information – This is a must for any label because there might be people who want to reach you after using your product. Their feedback matters.
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Fast delivery: Time is also a crucial factor for any business. If you are looking to get the labels for the products printed within a stipulated time, then opt for roll labels because when printing gets delayed the whole business may come to a standstill and the company might incur a loss without a fault of their own.


Whether you decide to order in bulk or small runs of labels, printing companies are catering to all of your needs. We have discussed the prospect of sheet levels and roll labels from the business perspective, but these things are equally significant for anyone who wants to get the labels printed for an event or even for election purposes or school requirements.

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