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Know-all-guide for choosing the Right Paints for Home


Getting your interiors painted but don’t know where to begin? It can be truly daunting when there are so many colours and products out there. Spend some time in research to understand what kinds of products are available in the market. What kind of necessity do you have and what is your budget?

Whether you are painting your interiors or exteriors, you can follow this simple guide to find the right paints for your home.

Choosing the right colours

Begin by choosing a colour scheme. Your colour scheme should be chosen according to the vibe you want to create. It also depends on the furniture items, lighting conditions, and spatial dimensions of the room. You may go to the store to get some paint samples but the best solution is to get a colour consultant.

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A colour consultant will help you choose the perfect colours according to your taste and house dimensions. This will greatly help you to save time and extra expenses on paint samples.

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Choosing the right level of paint finish

The finish of the paint can make a huge difference to the effect of your walls. Using matte paint can be a cost-effective option for ceilings and low-traffic areas. Matte finish efficiently gives a clean look hiding the small irregularities of the wall. However, it is not so long-lasting.

Choosing glossy paint will give a shiny effect on your walls. They also give long-lasting durability to the walls. They are stain-resistant and washable. High-sheen level paints are perfect for high-traffic areas and they are available in vibrant colours as well.

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Emulsions and enamel paints also give a luxurious and glossy effect. They can give a satin-like texture to your walls and give them a long life.

Choosing the right products

You must note the above points while you choose the paints but there are also other products you may need including putty and primer. These are especially essential for the walls that are to be freshly painted. Walls must be prepped before a paint job to give a long-lasting effect.

If walls are not prepped properly, they may lead to a lot of problems. Not only ugly looking walls but also result in the formation of bubbles and gaps. The painting process can be difficult if the walls are not perfectly smooth. Putties and primers should be taken according to the paint finish for the best effects.


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Good wall painting can be an excellent way to refresh your room. Using the right colours will ensure that the space is comforting and relaxing for the owners. Smart colours schemes can give a contrasting effect to your space. Colour choices can also affect your productivity levels while you are at home. Discover these interesting painting apps that Paisley Painting recommends to give you some ideas for paint color.

Textures and stencils can be used to add interest to your rooms. Try to choose products that are certified to be safe and hazardless. Make your home more welcoming and inviting by using these painting ideas.

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