June 26

Jobs in Abu Dhabi


The United Arab Emirates is attracting more and more people from year to year. In a short period of time, one of the richest states in the world emerged from a lifeless desert, where getting a job means getting an opportunity to earn really good money.

What are the features for foreigners of working in Abu Dhabi?

It is worth noting that jobs in Abu Dhabi are very specific in their approach, which is associated with several basic factors of employment. As a rule, employers are looking for such workers who, firstly, will cooperate with them on an ongoing basis, and secondly, they will be able to grow and develop into an experienced specialist. In this emirate, a special incentive system and a career growth program are widely introduced into the work process, which have a positive effect on wages. It is important to remember that no matter what kind of job you have, the vacancies that will interest you in the future depend only on the good recommendations of the employer, since they can open the way for you to absolutely any global company!

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Abu Dhabi offers incredible opportunities to build a career in the hotel and restaurant business, since the vast majority of hotels are five-star.

How to find a working place in Abu Dhabi?

Despite the huge number of ways to find a job, the best option would be to look for a job on the Internet. This will help you on the website label on which you can register to post your resume and find the employer.

What are the best vacancies for you to get in Abu Dhabi?

Despite the fact that Abu Dhabi is not the most popular city in the UAE among tourists, it is not much behind Dubai in terms of the number of tourists. You can find work in Abu Dhabi in large international companies or in the tourism sector.

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The easiest way for foreigners to find employment is in the tourism industry. In this industry, the most in-demand vacancies are:

–          Barman;

–          Cooker;

–          Clerk;

–          Receptionist;

–          Headwaiter;

If a foreign citizen wants to find a job in his specialty in Abu Dhabi, then it is worth remembering that programmers and system administrators are in incredible demand in this city.

What salary can you expect in Abu Dhabi?

There is no minimum wage for work in Abu Dhabi. Each employer independently determines the amount of wages. Low-skilled workers (cleaners, valet workers, gardeners, security guards, etc.) receive the lowest salaries.

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On average, the salary for these specialties does not exceed 1,500 dirhams.  In hotel complexes and hotels, foreign workers on average earn from AED 2,500 per month.

The most in-demand highly qualified specialties in Abu Dhabi:

Account Manager. The average salary for this position ranges from 9,000 to 12,000 dirhams.

An IT manager makes an average of AED 15,000 to 45,000 per month.

The real estate sales manager receives from 15 to 40 thousand dirhams monthly.

Financial Controller. The salary for this position ranges from 35 to 80 thousand dirhams.


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