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Is Robotic Heart Surgery Safe?


Bangalore has the reputation of being the “Silicon Valley” of India because it is the leading exporter of information technology. The capital of Karnataka also houses some of the richest people in the nation, which is why all the advancements in all industries are expected to be available in the city.

Because it has the best advancements in IT products and solutions, most people expect to get top-notch innovative services in the city. The latest healthcare services are anticipated in a top hospital in Bangalore, including the revolutionary robotic cardiovascular surgery procedures. Despite the growing popularity of such treatment, patients are still wary about the safety and efficacy of robotic heart surgery in Bangalore.

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Here is everything that patients need to know if they plan to have robotic heart surgery in a top hospital in Bangalore in the future.

What Is A Robotic Heart Surgery?

Surgeons do robotic heart surgery as a minimally-invasive procedure for cardiovascular surgeries using robotic devices, high-precision instruments, and miniature cameras. It is a relative approach to avoid open-heart surgery.

What Are The Differences Between Traditional Heart Surgery And Robotic Heart Surgery?

Traditional open-heart surgery requires cardiovascular surgeons to cut the chest open to reach the parts of the heart that need treatment. It involves cutting the breast bone to open the rib cage, which means a large incision should be made, causing plenty of possible damages to the chest area.

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When a robotic approach is used, the surgeons no longer need to cut the patient’s breastbone. Instead, they only need to slip the apparatus through a tiny incision in an area within the ribs. As a result, this type of treatment lessens the risk of post-surgical problems like blood loss and infections. It also significantly reduces scarring and lessens the length of stay in the hospital.

With the minimally invasive procedure, the patients can go back to their regular routines faster because they no longer need to wait for the healing of a broken breastbone.

Are There Any Risks In Robotic Heart Surgery?

Like most medical procedures, minimally invasive surgery like robotic heart surgery comes with several risks. Some of which may also happen in traditional heart surgeries. It includes various complications like bleeding, arrhythmia, stroke, and infection. However, robotic heart surgeries from the top hospitals in Bangalore can significantly reduce the risks using high-technology apparatus.

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Also, the chances of complications during the surgery that may force the surgeon to switch to the open heart approach are very slim.

Who Can Get A Robotic Heart Surgery?

The health experts will assess if the patient is qualified for minimally invasive heart surgery.

In the top hospitals in Bangalore, the doctors will evaluate the patient’s condition before making any decisions. If the patient has any health problems like diabetes and obesity or went through open-heart surgery in the past, they may not qualify for this robotic approach.

But if the patients are physically fit except for their heart ailments, the doctors will believe that it is safe for them to use robotic cardiovascular surgery.

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How Long Does A Robotic Heart Surgery Last?

The operating time varies when doctors perform robotic heart surgeries. Generally, the operation proper takes approximately three hours. But the patient may have to spend more hours in the operating room for preparation.

People skeptical about the procedure believe that this type of surgery is more time-consuming than traditional surgery. While it can be the case, the prolonged time can lead to favorable results. It also shortens the time that the patient must spend in recovery since this procedure does not require a long healing period.

Is The Robotic Heart Surgery Better Than The Traditional Method?

Both the patient and the doctor will need to assess if the minimally invasive treatment is the best option. But if the patients are highly qualified to get this type of surgery, they can benefit from this innovative approach. Also, people who have an active lifestyle and include heavy lifting and driving in their routine will appreciate robotic heart surgery. It can put them back on track immediately after the procedure.

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After robotic heart surgery, the doctors from Bangalore’s best hospitals will prescribe lifetime medications to ensure that the treatment will work well. It normally includes aspirin and blood thinners. Other medicines like beta-blockers and statins may be necessary if the cardiologist would recommend it, based on the patient’s condition. Considering robotic heart surgery could be a better option for most patients. They only need to look for the top hospitals in Bangalore that could address their coronary problems.


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