May 16

How to Manage the Stress of the Pandemic


Having been cooped up in our homes for almost two years now, with the constant anxiety of having to deal with the novel Coronavirus and all the effects it has had on the human race as a whole, is enough to cause anxiety in the most well-balanced people among us. Therefore, it is not at all that surprising when WHO released the statement that stated that there has never been a greater need for more mental health awareness and mitigation strategies.

The way we have been living over the course of the past two years is not how we as humans have evolved to operate. We were not programmed to live a life that involved working through apps like zoom. We humans are social creatures and real face to face interactions are of vital importance to us if we want to keep and maintain our sanity.

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There has been a record number of people reaching out for professional help in order to deal with their mental health issues. This is undoubtedly a very good thing as it goes to illustrate just how far we have come with regards to the stigma that used to surround mental health issues. While experts are obviously the number one source of guidance and people of contact in the event of mental health needs, there are some things that you can do in the comfort of your own home that can really help you deal with your anxiety and stress better. Like you can burst out your emotions through writing articles and publish them at The doe site.

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It is very important that you realize that the first point of contact should be mental health professionals, but, if you regularly involve yourself in the following activities then you can keep your anxiety levels relatively low and in check.

how to manage the stress of the pandemic - How to Manage the Stress of the Pandemic

how to manage the stress of the pandemic - How to Manage the Stress of the Pandemic


Is it really that surprising that exercise is listed in this article? The number of benefits that regular exercise gives you is very long. It should not come as a surprise that exercise can also help you battle your anxiety as well as there has been quite wide coverage on the issue on mainstream media and social media as well. If you just scroll through your instagram or facebook newsfeeds, then you will undoubtedly have come across advertisements that list improvements in anxiety and other mental health disorders with certain exercises.

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Well, for once, these ads are not lying. Exercise really helps with the release of certain chemicals within the body that not only helps lower anxiety levels but it has a ton of other mental health benefits as well. If you take up regular exercise and make it a part of your daily life, you will soon notice that you have much more energy than you did before. You will also notice improvements in your mood and focus levels as well.

One mistake that a lot of people make when they start their fitness journey is that they set themselves unrealistic goals. So, when they do not meet those insane goals, they feel demotivated and frustrated and just give up exercising in general. Do not do this. Set small achievable goals and slowly build up.

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Proper Diet

Our diets really play a massive role in how well we are able to function overall. Unless we are getting the proper needed nutrition into our bodies, we will simply not be able to function at our optimum levels.

The way we eat these days is not at all how we used to eat even a few centuries ago. The amount of processed foods (and the chemicals that come with them) that we consume on a daily basis, has truly never happened before in human history. Our ancestors did not know what junk food was. They did not have one dollar burgers from McDonald’s.

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The old adage of, “we are what we eat,” definitely still holds true today. A lot of the time, many people will suffer from anxiety and stress due to improper diets that lack certain nutrients that are needed in order to mitigate anxiety levels. One thing that you can do is to take up this issue with your physician or doctor and see what they have to say about your diet and nutrition. They can then guide you and make you a diet-chart that will be catered for the particular needs that you have.

Light Therapy

If you are unfamiliar with this form of therapy, then make sure that you stop whatever you are doing and just google light therapy. We are not exaggerating things here when we say that the list of benefits derived from light therapy is literally too exhaustive to cover and definitely is beyond the scope of the article. Just know that it can really help with everything from helping mitigate mental health disorders to taking care of your skin.

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Light therapy can really help with anxiety as well. In fact, it is one of the most recommended complementary therapies that are suggested by mental health professionals as it has a noticeable and direct effect on easing the anxiety levels of a person.


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