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How to Invest in the Indian Online Betting Industry


When most people think about investing in online gambling, they think about stocks. Interestingly, there’s a myriad of ways you can make money in the iGaming sector. Some of these strategies require only but a small budget. Intrigued? Let’s get started.

Bet on Sports

Games of chance like slots and roulette are pretty unpredictable. And that makes them less appealing to some people. Sports, on the other hand, provide a way to utilize your prediction skills and make money.

In India, sports betting is mostly illegal unless you’re talking about horse racing. However, you can legally bet on sports through offshore sportsbooks. You can bet on cricket, football, baseball, basketball or tennis. You could even wager on eSports and table tennis.

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All you need is to find a reliable offshore betting site in India. Ensure the sportsbook is safe and trustworthy by conducting research. Then look at its interface, betting markets, bonuses and payment methods. The goal is to join a good sportsbook and not just any bookmaker.

Invest in a Tipster Site

Are you a successful sports bettor? Do you have a winning record in the past one year? Congratulations, you qualify to own a tipster site. The role of tipsters is to share their sports predictions with the world.

India is in dire shortage of skilled tipsters now that the betting industry is relatively new. By starting a website, blog or social media for sharing tips, you could establish yourself as an authority in the topic and gain a huge following.

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There’s no shortage of ways to make money through a tipster site. There’s the obvious—selling betting tips. Alternatively, you could share your tips for free but monetize your site through ads or affiliate links.

For example, you can recommend bookmakers with competitive odds. And when your audience register accounts to these sites through your links, you earn commissions.

Create a Sports News App

Many sports bettors like to keep track of their bets. They want to know when a team scores or concedes. They want to learn when a player is sent out of the game, half-time breaks and when matches end.

Additionally, an app can also deliver general news about sports, teams, and players. In doing so, they can help bettors analyze the right information before they make a prediction.

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Owing to that backdrop, you can benefit from an app that share match updates of all sorts. Some people design apps targeting specific sports and that’s alright. However, you have a better chance when your app provides updates for multiple sports.

Think of the most well-known sports apps: ESPN, the Score, Bleacher Report and BBC to name a few. They’re huge brands with apps that provide valuable content to people who love varying sports.

Buy Gambling Stocks

Sports gambling stocks are set to take off in the next several years according to the Motley Fool. This is mostly due to the wave of betting legalization taking place in the US. You see, sports betting became legal in the US in 2018.

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In the first two years, only a handful of states legalized the industry. Then Coronavirus hit the world and states ran short of cash. To increase funds, most states created laws to legalize sports betting.

What are the best gambling stocks today? It depends on you. If you like to invest in specific sportsbooks, then go after the best performing companies—FanDuel, DraftKings, 888 Sports and Penn National Gaming.

On the other hand, you could also buy sports ETFS. VanEck Vectors Gaming and Round hill Sports betting and iGaming ETF both provide ways to own gambling stocks without necessarily picking a specific company.

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Start a Betting Website

It’s expensive. It requires a team of experts and a license but it could turn you into a multimillionaire sooner or later. Of course, whether you get rich from a betting website in India depends on many factors.

For starters, you need a team of qualified experts to help launch it. You need lawyers and accountants to help you budget and acquire a license successfully. You need web designers and programmers to launch a betting site.

And you need an in-house team of marketers, managers and support agents to attract customers. Crucially, you need sportsbook software and a plan to beat the ever-increasing competition in the betting industry.

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Consider Slots and Card Games

Many online betting sites in India also feature casino software. Casinos primarily offer games of chance like slots and poker. But these games can be good for entertainment or making money during your free time.

Ever heard of Daniel Negreanu? How about Don Johnson? Negreanu is a professional poker player who’s accumulated over $50M throughout his career. On the flip side, Johnson is a famous blackjack player who once made over $10M in six months.

Now, we are not saying playing blackjack or poker will automatically make you a millionaire. But you could gamble for the fun of it. And if you’re lucky to win regularly, then you could make it a side job.

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The average online casino has 300+ games, from slots to bingo. Most games are based on pure chance. That’s why it’s advisable to gamble mostly for the entertainment experience. Some games—blackjack and poker—incorporate skill, which makes them ideal for someone with the goal of gambling professionally.

Start a Sports Betting Blog

Another way to invest in sports betting is by starting a blog to help bettors become better at sports predictions. You don’t have to be an expert although it helps. If you love to conduct research, then you could run your blog successfully.

Think of creating guides to help people choose the right sportsbooks. Or helping punters choose betting bonuses. The only requirement is to conduct research to help your audience save time and pick the ideal free bets.

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Additionally, you can diversify your blog to provide content from a wide range of topics. This way, you can grow your audience and increase the potential for making money through your blog.


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