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Being pregnant is a very different phase from everyday life. The ups and downs of hormones, a growing belly, pregnancy cravings and a whole host of other symptoms make this very taxing on the mother. Emotional stability, mental balance, and physical well-being may come secondary to caring for the developing fetus. Also, nine long months of neglect to the mothers’ care can have worrisome repercussions in the future and make them less capable of caring for their baby. This is why prioritising their well-being as a mother-to-be is equally important. Read on to find out the simple and fairly inexpensive ways to take care of mental stability and physical health while pregnant – for example, investing in some maternity activewear, getting in touch with other pregnant women, or other things that can make this time less challenging.

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Mental Health Care

According to Pregnancy Birth and Baby – an organisation funded by the Australian government, pregnancy can increase mental health issues. In 2019, nearly 300,000 mothers gave birth in Australia – a large number of mothers who have the potential of developing pregnancy-related mental illnesses.

  • Establish a solid support system

It can get lonely if the husband is out at work and the mother is home alone on maternity leave or as a housewife. Having some family members around the house can greatly reduce the time spent alone, provide distractions and are a huge help with household chores. Taking the time out to set up a strong support system, be it their mothers, neighbours, friends etc. is something that can be immensely helpful to to-be mothers.

  • Reach out to other pregnant mothers

Whether in an online community or a local support group, getting in touch with expecting couples will ensure they don’t feel as lonely on this journey and can support each other.

  • Not shying away from requesting professional help

If it feels as though things are getting hard to handle, reaching out to a certified counsellor or even touching base with their GP/ Obstetrician/ Gynecologists, as medical professionals, will know exactly how to help, and prevent the onset of more serious, postpartum mental problems.

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Physical well-being

Physical health is strongly connected to mental health, so prioritising this can have wondrous effects on mental stability, especially while pregnant. It may be very challenging to find the motivation to workout while carrying but here are some ways to make it easier:

  • Invest in maternity activewear

Often, finding cute and pretty clothing can motivate people to find more opportunities to wear it. With the growing industry of inclusive sportswear, working out while pregnant can be glamorous too! So don’t shy away from a little retail therapy to get you going.

  • Eating healthy

This doesn’t just apply to pregnant women, but it is a general rule of thumb to maintain good health and well-being. Cutting down on the junk and trying to limit pregnancy cravings for the same can make one less likely to binge and feel lazy. Having a fresh, clean diet can help keep you on your toes and more willing to engage in some physical activity.

  • Find an activity/ sport you enjoy

Not all sports are suited for pregnant women, but taking the time out to find something that brings the expectant mother joy, while keeping her fit and is safe for the baby is important. Regular consultations with midwives/ doctors to clarify which activities are appropriate to engage in while helping the mother find the right type of exercise that takes care of herself and the growing fetus.

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