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How do I secure my laptop from Hacking?


When you are worried about online privacy, you want to remove your digital footprints. We live a significant amount of time on the internet doing browsing, using social media, or doing any academic task. Whether using a smartphone or laptop for streaming, there is hugely valuable information you are dealing with. Some shady people are trying to approach your private data illegally. So you must be well aware of cybersecurity.

It’s not a challenging task to learn about cybersecurity habits. In this world of evolving technology, the risk of data hacking is also increasing. So we must be well educated about all the terms and tricks to keep secure our information on the internet.

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Type of information approach by hackers

Are you ever think about that what type of personal data is available on the internet? So have a look at the type of information you share on social media and other apps.

  • It includes personal data like your name, family, home address, emails, phone number, fax number, date of birth, education records, employment information, working address, and medical history. So there is plenty of information about you is available online and can be stolen by hackers. To avoid them you should Learn Ethical Hacking.
  • All your browsing history, ISP logs, and the active browser location might be stored.
  • SMS, emails, and instant text service may also use a lot of information. Your email contains important details about your concerns, activities, bank accounts, confidential business and educational documents, the hackers might be interested in.
  • Are all your video calls using Skype, WhatsApp, zoom or any other app is confidential?
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So there are so many possible risks to your data. We will discuss the best tricks you should learn to keep secure your laptop from hacking.

  • Apply complicated password

Passwords are always the first line of security. The simple and common passwords are easily approachable by hackers. A complicated password makes your account more secure and also gives a difficult time to criminals. You should always choose a complicated minimum 8-digit password containing numerals, symbols with both uppercase and lowercase letters. The more complex password makes it harder for the hacker to invade your data.

Don’t use any password that links to any personal information related to you like birthdays, name of any loved one, favorite place, country name or the name or birthdays of your loved ones, or any other related combination. Don’t apply the same password to each account, always choose a different password. If you found it hectic to remember various passwords you might go for the password manager. These apps make it easy to remind passwords and you just need to recall the only passcode of this app, it gives you a direct login to your accounts and saves your time. Top password managers are Dashlane, Digital Vault, Lastpass, and Bitwarden.

  • Enable a firewall
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Windows 8 & 10 and macOS have already built-in software named firewall that limits unauthorized access to your laptop. It works great if you are dealing with some confidential business project. Make sure to turn on a firewall before you go online.

  • Keep all your software updated

To ensure the security of your laptop from any malicious data, it is very important to keep all your software and apps updated. An updated system is tough to approach by any external source. Verify to activate the automatic updates option in windows to install all the system updates regularly.

  • Use two factor 2-F authentication
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Two factors act as a bonus or second layer of protection to your laptop security. Many sites offer an additional security door to your accounts and also keep you updated about the account activities like logins or other approaches. So it is recommended to utilize this handy opportunity. This extra protection includes fingerprints or using your mobile number or emails to send code to verify accounts. This option also offers your account backup if you forget the password by sending a ‘rest password’ request to the provided emails.

  • Install any anti-virus software

Computer malware or viruses are a great threat nowadays. They may slow down your computer and ruin the laptop’s operating system. Anti-virus software can target this malware and ensure to secure your laptop from hacking. This software can power up your laptop and provide a shield against viruses. Make sure to regularly scan your device with any anti-virus software to stay protected. Some top-rated antivirus software is available in the market like Norton, McAfee, Avast, and Bullguard, etc.

  • Don’t open suspicious attachments/links 
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Be on guard the spam links, URLs, and suspicious attachments in your email, apps, and some websites. These are the tools used by hackers to approach your content. So you should act to witness these unusual attachments mostly comes from an authorized source. And keep your eyes on everything you found doubtful.

  • Get a Virtual private network

While using a public WIFI connection, the VPN provides a platform to build a protected network. It does not allow the network provider to track your internet history. It encrypts your online trafficking and hides your online identity. A specially designed server does not show your IP address run by a VPN host. So if you are searching for anything with a VPN, is not tracked by any third party or internet provider. It can also give access to applications that are prohibited or banned in your area. Some activists also utilize this technology for confidential communication.

  • Hard disk encryption
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Sometimes you may be lost your laptop or misplaced it, in this situation every outsider person has access to your hardware and all data present in it. So to ensure the security of the hard drive you must lock it. Windows and mac offer in-built hardware encryption through BitLocker and File Vault.


In this modern era of technology, where we shift our every minor task on the laptop. We also need to be well aware of the security terms. The above-mentioned small habits will make secure your laptop from hacking and any other unauthorized approach. I hope this information proves helpful for you.

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