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How can I Find the Top-ranking Websites in a Specific Niche?


You can use multiple procedures to find top websites in a particular niche. Most of these rules are basic and hardly change, popular among them leveraging the best website ranker in the market. Here is a rundown of popular procedures you can use to find a top-ranking website in a specific niche.

Method 1: Combine a List of Top-ranking Websites

Here is where you shift to popular tools as leverage. These include renowned platforms like Google, Alltop, and Social News Sites.

Google Keyword Search

With Google, you can find top-ranking websites in specific niches, analyzed and compiled by others. You can then use the search tool to filter blogs based on keyword search and year posted. If you’re looking for top websites in web design, you can search for the keyword “best web design blogs.” By using quotation marks on your searches, you tell google to find exact matches—to filter results that have all your search phrases and follow the same order.

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You can leverage the same procedure when looking for other niches. Only ensure the keyword you use complements the substance of your topic.


Alltop is an easy-to-scan, user-friendly, and clean-looking site. It allows you to discover websites that cover particular topics in depth. It collects headlines from top websites on different topics (such as celebrities, science, photography). This can be on different platforms, including blog sites and media. It then categorizes these sites and headlines based on these topics.

You can bookmark pages in Alltop for reference and find up to 30 authoritative sites on a specific topic under one roof. Sampling through Alltop various categories is an effective way of finding websites with a strong online presence.

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Social News Sites

Social news sites are online platforms that feature user-posted stories (people’s sites and links) and allow other people (site users or website administrators) to vote them up or down. They then rank these stories based on their popularity. Ever since their emergence, social news sites have extensively been used in linking a myriad of information, including discussions, news, humor, and support.

On Fark and Slashdot sites, administrators vote sites to be displayed on the first pages. Other websites like Digg and Reddit invite votes from multiple users and place sites with the most votes on the front page.

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You can use Reddit or similar sites to find categories of websites to ping a particular niche. Reddit has tens of subreddits (even on strangest topics), and you are likely to find information categories related to your topic. You can browse through the submissions and select high-value blogs using these categories.

SEMrush Rank Tool

You can use the SEMrush rank tool to pinpoint the internet’s top-ranking domains. SEMrush rank estimates the traffic a particular site registers monthly from organic searches. Using SEMrush rank, you can find the most performing regional research databases or get competitive analysis references.

Website ranking by SEMrush is based on its monthly stored data in its databases. The less ranking a particular website has on SEMrush, the heavier its online presence. For example, SEMrush rank for renowned websites like Amazon and Wikipedia hardly exceeds 10.

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Competitive Analysis Reference

You can use competitive analysis reference data during your internet research or competitive analysis. You can weigh multiple websites based on SEMrush ranks and determine those with a solid online presence or massive organic traffic. A website with a SEMrush rank close to 1 has a heavier online presence than those with more ratings.

Method 2: Filter the top Sites from Your Selection

Using these platforms (Google, Alltop, Social News Sites), you should be able to compile enough websites for sampling. The essential part is reviewing your list and selecting the actual top blogs.

Use Popular Metrics

A website’s traffic talks much about its popularity, but website owners hardly disclose this metric. For that case, you should turn to other popularity indicators.

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Metric 1: Check Average Number of Comments

You can review the site’s content volume when gauging its popularity. However, websites with lesser comments may not necessarily be unpopular, as most site users are often slow to leave comments on various subjects.

Metric 2: Check Social Media Shares

You can also use social media shares to measure a site’s online popularity. However, it closely resembles that of user comments. For instance, an online marketing audience may be quick to share content with relatives, but those searching for tips on curing a particular skin condition may be less eager to share.

Metric 3: Google Ranking

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You may not fully determine how well a site ranks in a particular niche, but google can give you an overall idea. To achieve it effectively, use your niche’s primary keyword. For instance, you can search “pharmaceuticals SEO” as your primary keyword if you’re in pharmaceutical SEO. Then check for the first ranked 20 Google pages.


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