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Five Angle Grinder Uses All Diyers Should Know

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Angle grinders are an essential tool for any DIYer’s collection. They’re a versatile tool comprised of a rapidly spinning disc that can be used in a wide variety of tasks. These can be operated with a battery or with a cord connecting to an electrical unit. In either situation, you should endeavour to take care and use all the appropriate PPE. Below, we explore five angle grinder uses all DIYers should know.

Grinding and Polishing Metal

Angle grinders usually work well with metal. One of the most popular applications is by using it to polish metal. By slowly pressing the spinning disc against the surface of the metal, you can take off a thin layer of the material, leaving a shiny, polished finish. If you’re looking to reshape the metal entirely, you can grind the material by using the disc in a faster setting.

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Cutting Metal

By removing your disc and replacing it with a sharper, thinner disc, you can easily cut through metal. This is particularly useful for plumbers looking to cut cleanly through pipes. Using an angle grinder in this manner is often more efficient than using a saw or other hand items.

Cleaning metal

An angle grinder can also help remove paint, rust and other defects from metal. By fitting a cleaning wheel or stripping disc, you can gently eliminate rust and paint marks. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to upcycle old outdoor furniture, or if you’re simply looking to repair your metal furniture.

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Sharpening Tools

Angle grinders can also be used to sharpen your existing tools. An abrasive grinding disc can help sharpen any metal edges on your tools, to make them more efficient. This can be an effective way of adding longevity to your toolbox and returning items to their old glory. However, just ensure that you don’t sharpen the metal too aggressively or too often – by frequently sharpening or altering the metal, you can ruin the finish of your tool.

Removing Mortar

Removing and replacing the mortar in your home can be an effective way of dealing with leaks and drafts. But how can you remove the mortar without damaging the bricks? By using an angle grinder you can precisely target the mortar in between bricks and remove it before applying your new mortar. This can dramatically improve your home.

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Angle grinders can be used across a huge variety of jobs. If any of their uses could benefit your DIY project, you should consider purchasing a DeWalt angle grinder today. Whether you’re cleaning metal or sharpening tools, the angle grinder can make your life a lot easier.


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