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Diamond Shapes in Detail and Regal Diamonds to Opt for an Engagement Ring


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Intricate and mesmerizing diamonds come in great fancy shapes to subtly slip into your personality. From classic round to bossy square cut shapes, diamonds range in numerous cuts to accentuate your sparkle in different ways. According to Diamond Cutters International, different diamond cuts have some symbolic meaning attached to them. Thus, the kind of piece you choose for yourself tells a lot about the kind of individual you are and your personality traits.

Speaking about these different scintillating sparkles takes me to New World Diamonds Company, whose brilliant lab-grown diamonds speak volumes about their innovation in the field of diamond jewelry. They have different lab-grown colored diamonds in various cuts that are grown by extensive heat and pressure mechanically creating fine, raw diamonds that are polished and cut to perfection.Man made diamonds have become quite the topic of discussion for the same reason.

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Here’s a guide to various diamond shapes to help you fix on the best piece.

1.Round-cut Diamonds

Timeless classic is what a round-cut diamond is! Elegant and simple, a round cut diamond has brilliant depth and unmatched intense sparkle. Engineered to perfection, round shaped diamonds produce maximum dispersion. These diamonds can be worn as rings, pendants or used in necklaces.

2.Princess-cut Diamonds

Designed with radiance in mind, a princess cut lab diamond is a square-shaped stone with sharp pointed edges. The best thing about these square-shaped diamonds is their large appearance as opposed to other shapes of diamonds. With the extravagant glitter this shape offers, it’s very unlikely to stay away from the spotlight for the lady who owns it.

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3.Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds, named after the emerald gemstone, is elongated in shape that showcases more color than spark. With a beautiful hall of mirror effect, an emerald-cut piece has an unusual sparkle that gives a slimming effect to your fingers. An emerald cut is designed keeping grace and dignity in mind as this shape brings along a certain sense of leadership and confidence to the wearer.

4.Pear-shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds are unique and trendy as they are a mix of edgy and smooth curves. A pear-shaped diamond also called a teardrop shape has great brilliance along with a spark that has a slimming effect on your fingers! A pear-shaped diamond can be chosen for east-west engagement rings or pendants.

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5.Marquise-shaped Diamonds

With the largest face area of all diamond cuts, marquise-shaped cuts tend to look bigger due to some optical dimensional tricks. A marquise-shaped diamond has an elongated stone that produces a unique slimming effect on your fingers. These diamonds are gaining great popularity because of their voguish and gleaming design.

Diamonds come in great shapes and sizes but honestly, the shape may vary but the love for these rare & fine stones will forever stay eternal. Shop for your timeless eternity with New World Diamond that offers the best lab-created diamonds at the most desirable rates.

Now that you are aware of the diamond shapes, let us see what type of engagement ring will suit you the best. 

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Your Engagement Day is the auspicious day when you take a step ahead to a fulfilling and wonderful companionship with your partner. Isn’t that a time when you just feel the whole world is in trance and it’s just about you and your beloved? And you promise to fill their life with peace & joy.

To make your today, tomorrow & forever, more glittery, we’re here to present you stunning iconic shapes of ideal engagement rings that will make you fall head over heels in love with her all over again!

A diamond’s shape and cut heavily influences its brilliance and spark. No matter how big and heavy your diamond is, its shape and cut must be congruous with the style to make it appear big and shiny. Without a proper shape and cut, even a heavy carat solitaire appears dull and lifeless.

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●    Round Cut Diamond Ring

A shape you cannot go wrong with. A traditional and elegant shape that looks ethereal and regal in every way.  A classic round diamond shape symbolizes love without end and reflects upon the idea of traditional romance that is calm, faithful and beautiful.

●     Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

Named after the popular gemstone, Emerald, Emerald-cut engagement ring is a modern shaped ring that mostly flaunts the shape of your piece rather than its spark. The sharp cut edges of the diamond reflect confidence and fearlessness that is a must-have for the modern lady.

●    Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

A subtle and unusual shape of a pear cut diamond ring that harbors both sharp and smooth corners and emphasizes individuality along with your inclination towards traditional romance. This trend-setter shape aptly highlights both the shape and spark of the tempting stone that adds to the aura you possess.

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●    Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring

A heart-shaped engagement ring is a sheer romantic prelude that confesses what your heart exhibits. This shape looks both royal and sleek with an outfit of any kind and is quite telling of your softer side and your tendency to look at the world through rose-colored lenses. This cut substantially enhances both the shape and spark of the diamond ring perfecting your moment of life and making it immortal.

Defying the natural process that earth-grown diamonds undergo to evolve, New World Diamonds, a lab-grown diamond company believes in creation. With its revolutionary approach of creating diamonds in a lab that are certified by the most prestigious diamond grading establishment like IGI & IL, it toils to adorn your best moments of life with glitter and glam. Because there are far too many obvious things in life, your engagement ring shouldn’t be one of them!

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Their custom lab-grown diamond rings are your perfect go-to option when hunting the best price lab-grown diamond jewelry. So start your hunt and grab the best diamond ring today!


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