March 13

Choosing from the Best Branded Shirts for Men


No man’s wardrobe is complete without a decent collection of shirts. Despite being an indispensable piece of apparel, finding high-quality branded shirts for men has become exceedingly difficult, especially with so much variety available in the market. It has become fairly easy for someone to make a poor decision and invest in poor-quality shirts selling under the guise of ‘premium.’

In this article, we give a detailed look at some ways that can help you add the best branded shirts for men in your wardrobe.

What Makes a Shirt Premium?

There are specific features that differentiate a premium shirt from a fast-fashion product in the market. Here is a brief look at some features that you need to look for to make a high-quality purchase:

  • One of the first things that make your purchase ‘premium’ is the fabric. While getting your hands on the right fabric is crucial, the problem lies in a lack of knowledge. Most men would resort to cotton shirts without knowing that they could invest in some high-grade alternatives. While there is nothing wrong with opting for a cotton branded shirt for men, premium fabrics are a class apart. They are exceptionally soft, offer a luxurious fit, and have a refined The best branded shirts for men are available in a variety of fabrics like Pima cotton, linen, and Giza cotton. Make sure you assess your environment and body before moving ahead with the final purchase. Fabrics like linen are exceptionally comfortable but are not the best choice for chilly climates. However, if you are someone who sweats a lot and is stationed in a moderate environment, there is nothing that matches the comfort and breathability of linen branded shirts.
  • The cost is another criterion that separates a premium brand from the rest. Premium branded shirts for men are priced higher than the best, but there is a catch. The best brands strike the perfect balance. You might pay more, but what you get is completely worth it and would stay with you in the long run. There is little sense in buying a shirt that is half the price but would be deemed as scrap within six months.  
  • The best branded shirts in the market would have the perfect dye. While you are free to choose the color you want, the quality of the dye would make sure your favorite color gets through the wash cycles without fading. Make sure to check your branded shirt to have a reactive fibre dye. They are exceptionally durable and would make sure your branded shirt doesn’t lose its charm even after multiple trips to the washing machine.
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Elevate Your Wardrobe

You are not investing in a branded shirt to only throw it away in six months. You need something durable. Moreover, your shirts should attract a decent amount of attention every time you step out. Not all branded shirts can do that. You need to put your trust in a brand that has the best designs and makes use of some of the best fabrics available on the planet.

Andamen is a name that you can rely on for all your high fashion needs. Their exquisite collection of premium formal and casual shirts is crafted to perfection for progressive Indian men who like to invest in their style. From their Indian Heritage Collection, which is inspired by the Trail of Ganges, to their Signature Collection, including the most refined quality of formal and occasion shirts, you can choose from a myriad of timeless designs.

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So, add a branded shirt to your wardrobe and step forth with confidence and sophistication!


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