December 31

Build a Gamer PC on Your Own With Custom Build Wizard


In modern realities, computer games are an integral part of the lives of the vast majority of computer users on the same level as other entertainment. In this case, unlike other areas of recreation, games have a number of mandatory requirements for the performance of computer components.

First, it is extremely important to pay attention to the process of assembling a computer according to the price of certain components. In this case, we will not look at the installation directly in detail as we choose PCbuilder platform for choosing the suitable components for PC configuration.

Graphic Card:-

The good configuration of the gaming computer depends largely on the right combination, the balance of the processor and the video card. These are the two main computer nuts in a modern computer, for which, no matter what, I recommend you to compete. It will depend on the longevity, relevance and efficiency of your computer in the fight against modern games.

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Progressive people looked at price wounds, looked at Amazon, where the GTX 980 made the right conclusions – price labels stuffed very slowly, not everywhere, but crawling. Considering the collapse, reinsurance and just work, you can now find GeForce GTX 770 and Radeon R9 280X video cards more expensive GeForce GTX 970.


The central processing unit acts as the “brain” of your computer. This will largely determine the speed of your computer. You will need to choose a processor and motherboard that are compatible with each other, both in terms of the manufacturer (Intel or AMD) and the CPU base itself. The choice of any computer configuration always starts with the processor; it is not in vain, it is central. The choice of processor imposes its mark on the choice of motherboard, shows the standard and characteristics of RAM, and affects the choice of the optimal video card. In this respect, the computer configuration has not changed; the CPU is crucial still.

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Choice of Casing:-

Well, so I came to the housing, which will serve as a place for permanent storage of all purchased components and will provide good air circulation. So it needs special requirements for the selection of the body, in principle. The main thing is its size. The body must freely accommodate all our components and most importantly – the motherboard and video adapter. To understand whether we are suitable for the case or not, it has a characteristic – a form of factor. The form factor indicates which motherboard will fit in the case.

Final Verdicts:-

So my article came to an end where we understand what a desktop home computer consists of and what to look for when buying. However, it still needs to be pushed back from the budget and will determine what you will buy to find out how many powerful components you will need. I advise you to visit our site and read more from the guide about all components of gaming PC.

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