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Best furniture stores in Singapore

If you have just finished building your house and you can’t wait to decorate and furnish your home, Singapore has got your back with a lot of stores selling the best furniture you can have. This write-up will give a list of the best furniture shops around where to buy furniture in Singapore. You will find shops selling Indian furniture, chic, vintage, recycled, and even contemporary types. There are also other things to go with your house themes, such as the lamps, the modern dining tables, and beds.

i. Journey east

This is a vast store selling recycled furniture and the best place where to buy furniture in Singapore. The store is full of industrial furniture, furniture made from wood pieces, original vintage treasures from Asia, and accessories worldwide. Moreover, if you are a lover of designer products, you can find designer furniture in this store. The in-house collection available in this store is fantastic because it combines Southeast Asia colors to light the beauty of a home.

ii. Originals

This is a massive warehouse selling recycled furniture. The origin of the furniture sold here is India and Java. Under this roof, you can find other items such as coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, beds, sofas, and other interior accessories. Moreover, you can find throw pillows and cushions, neutral rugs, and beddings for house decoration. These you can pick from a wide range of colors and pick the one that matches your house theme. The popular brands featured in this shop include; NOMAD, Vincent Sheppard, ethnicraft, and armadillo rugs. They also have countless brands of furniture for your outdoor use. As far as Singapore and furniture selling is concerned, Original is among the top spots and where to buy furniture in Singapore. The products here are of high quality and eye-catching. It is an ideal location if you are looking for a spot where you can buy furniture.

iii. Born in color

This is one place you can go and find the best furniture for your home without breaking your bank account. This is because the furniture sold here is pocket-friendly. You can get different types of furniture, including recycled ones such as the Bistro Green and the Camille Walnut. There is also the Rattan collection which is made from natural rattan weaves. This warehouse has two storerooms in Singapore, one located in the North and the other in the South. You will rest assured that the furniture you are getting is original and of good quality in both stores, whether a sofa, chairs, beds, and accessories, and even dining tables. It is a place where to buy furniture in Singapore that offers both in-house and online shopping.

iv. Woody antique house

Woody antique is a good place where you can buy furniture. This is an old shop with all the treasure trove furniture you can find. The store is located in Dempsey Hill, Singapore. The team sources the furniture from all over the world, presenting a place full of color and history with their great prices. For your home décor, this is the right place because you will not only get the furniture in this store but the desired design since they do customization too. They can repurpose old furniture or create the one that suits your needs. It is among the places where to buy furniture in Singapore that offers a wide range of furniture collection.


To sum up, Singapore offers a wide range of stores selling different types of furniture, making it an ideal place to get your home furniture. Apart from getting quality from reasonable prices, the buyers can also customize furniture, which is good. The stores offer in-house and online shopping, which makes shopping an enjoyable and convenient experience. If you are looking for furniture, you can never go wrong with the above stores in Singapore.

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