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Attach molle shoulder straps to frame by yourself


Molle is considered one of the most powerful equipment-making machines used to attach the multi-tools, weapons, and accessories to bear the load. Not only for soldiers, hikers, police, and road workers also use it for carrying the equipment along with them.

The best thing found in molle equipment is that these products are lightweight and can easily manage a high gearing system. The nylon-based load-bearing molle equipment lifts our load while working. According to the different researches, it is shown that the use of molle equipment increases the rate of success.

Why do I need to choose molle?

Thousands of firms offer us to use their load lifting product, but molle is the best one because of its specifications. The main thing is that the military also approved it. Currently, NATO, British, IDF, and US army forces use molle products. You can also say that the military approves molle equipment. That is a good sign and shows its quality.

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Molle products provide unique design, quality material, and satisfying stuff with many verities, including pouches, belts, and tactile backpacks. These products are too easy to use and lift 60 lbs weight easily. Molle webbing help users to keep their accessories with them via a wooden strap. Most of the time, the two straps of molle webbing give you a firm grip. It’s tough to disconnect it from the grip.

The best thing in molle is its shoulder straps, mainly used by soldiers to carry their shotshell carrier along with them. With these shoulder straps, the soldiers feel less weight on their bodies, and they can lift much weight easily. Instead of these straps, if they lift their heavy bags without molle shoulder straps, it may cause some back pain because of improper adjustment. Molle shoulder straps also provide half of the immediate disconnect system. You can also attach your molle strap with the frame.

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How to attach the molle shoulder with the frame?

Molle shoulder straps are the best straps because of their high-quality features. One main thing is to attach your molle shoulder strap with a frame for perfect management. Yeah! If you want to attach your molle shoulder with a frame, you need to follow these few steps.

  • Put a shoulder strap on the frame.
  • Fold the central shoulder strap pad underside and tighten both upward straps with clips.
  • Attach all the straps with their buckles according to your fit.
  • The back belt should be placed in the top center to make it comfortable for a soldier to lift a heavy load.
  • Fit the bottom area of straps with frame and lock it with clips.
  • Also, tie the load lifter straps with shoulder straps in the end.
  • Moreover, molle shoulder straps have waterproof and adjustment features that make them more comfortable.
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The final thoughts

All products of molle playing an excellent role for making our work easier. Mainly, these shoulder straps are the perfect choice for you. Not only for soldiers, but it is also helpful for police manned, hunters, and climbers to take their heavy stuff along with them. Some of us got back pain because of lifting a heavy load, but molle adjusted our weights equally so that we didn’t face any health and pain problems.

Purchasing and assembling molle shoulder straps is not as difficult. You can purchase it online by seeing the prices and specifications from the website. Also, make it a perfect fit for you by following the above-described steps. You can also watch any video to clear your concepts properly in case of any difficulty.

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