October 12

Air Conditioners: When is it Time to Call the Professionals?

We love good air conditioning! Aircons keep you cool throughout those summer months, and provide you blissful sleep at night. Air conditioning is also high maintenance, depending on the type of air conditioning system you have.

If your air conditioning doesn’t work, you need to call an electrician in Hawkesbury. If your AC breaks down, you may be faced with a hefty bill to fix the problem. There are many options for financing your new AC purchase through air conditioning finance companies.

It’s always a hassle when your aircon unit doesn’t work right, and finding a reputable company to do air conditioning repairs can be a hassle. Skip those last-minute hurries to find a service technician, and know when it’s time to get your aircon serviced.

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1.   When your air conditioner is due for a cleaning.

An air conditioner would need professional cleaning services at least every 6 months to keep in good working condition. Besides professional cleaning, the air conditioner filter would need to be washed at home every two weeks to keep the dust and debris from accumulating.

If your air conditioner hasn’t been properly maintained in a while, it’s time to book a cleaning service to inspect and remove the dust from your air conditioner. You wouldn’t want to wait until your air conditioner runs into a problem before you decide to bring it to an HVAC technician!


2.   When your air conditioner makes a rattling sound.

Modern air conditioners are meant to be quiet, so any sound coming out of your aircon unit can be indicative of a problem with its internal mechanisms. A rattling sound is especially concerning, yet is a common malfunction in the air conditioner.

The rattling sound means there is something wrong with the internal mechanisms of the air conditioning unit. An air conditioning technician from Little Mountain will be able to check, diagnose, and fix the problem for you so you can get back to enjoying the cold breeze coming from your air conditioner without the noise!

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3.   When your air conditioner emits a strange smell.

Any strange smell coming from your air conditioner is definitely a problem. If you smell something off with your air conditioner, turn it off immediately, and remove the electrical plug from its socket. Depending on the type of smell, you may need to find an emergency ac repair Las Vegas service as soon as you possibly can, as some smells indicate dangerous malfunctions.

A smoky, burning smell indicates something burning inside your aircon unit, while a sulfur smell reminiscent of rotten eggs indicates something has died inside of your air conditioner. Regardless of the smell, best to consult with a professional instead of trying to diagnose the problem yourself to prevent further damage to you or the air conditioner.

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4.   When your air conditioner starts leaking.

Is water pooling around your air conditioner? That might mean your aircon unit is leaking water, antifreeze, or refrigerant into your home. Leaks can happen when the internal compartments of the air conditioner are cracked, which leaks chemicals into the room. Mop up the spill and grab the phone, because it’s time to call a professional for this!

Water leaks may mean nothing, but they can also mean something is going on with your aircon unit. The only way to know for sure is to have it checked out by an aircon technician. Obviously, leaks with the refrigerant and the antifreeze are dangerous, especially when ingested by children and pets, so best to tackle this problem immediately.

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5.   When your air conditioner stops working.

When your air conditioner suddenly stops working, yet your house lights are still on and there’s no sign of a blackout, something in your air conditioner may be on the fritz. Air conditioners can stop working due to a multitude of reasons, including electrical interference, loose wiring, and other causes that may cut the power to your unit.

In most cases of air conditioners that suddenly stop working, it has to do with a busted fuse or with the electrical components of the air conditioner. For this, you’ll need an aircon technician to solve the problem with your unit, as well as an electrician if the problem is with the main power source of the air conditioner.

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6.   When your air conditioner needs replacing.

When it’s time to buy a new air conditioner, you can also call on professional aircon services to help you choose the best model for your home! Reputable air conditioner service companies have experience with different types of air conditioning, as well as different models and brands.

Professionals will be able to guide you through the entire purchasing process, all the way to installation and maintenance tips! They will know how much horsepower you need for the size of your room, what type you can get to optimize your space, and how to care for your aircon unit to make it last for a long time.

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