August 21

9 Reasons Your Church Should Invest in Church Software


At the best of times, churches struggle to keep accurate records of their attendance and finances. Many churches overestimate the number of people involved in the church community. Others often face trouble in maintaining accurate accounting.

COVID-19 has helped to exacerbate these problems. As churches work to comply with local guidelines, they need accurate attendance numbers now more than ever. Likewise, as many church finances fluctuate with the pandemic, congregations need a complete account of their money.

Church software provides the solutions that pastors and congregations need. With their attendance tracking and accounting information, churches become equipped to face several practical needs.

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If you’ve heard of church software but don’t know how if it’s the right choice, you’re in the right place! In this guide, we’ll walk you through nine reasons why this software is the right choice for you.

  1. Church Software Can Save Money

There are several ways your church can save money with this software. For example, let’s say your church organization has experienced growth in recent months.

A growing church is a wonderful thing, but it brings practical challenges. You may notice that your sanctuary is no longer the right size to accommodate everyone. The same goes for your parking lot.

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With church attendance tracking software, you can gauge your level of growth and trace patterns. With this knowledge, you can make predictions about where you may pique. From there, you can spend the necessary amounts of money to enhance your structures.

  1. Saves You from Hiring a Staff Member

Many churches reach a stage when they hire an accountant. Often, they select a member of the church with some financial background to tackle the job.

Some churches even hire this person as a full-time staff member! While this can be an excellent tactic if the accountant has the right credentials, church software renders it unnecessary.

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Instead of paying somebody a salary and benefits, you can track your finances with this technology. It’s yet another way the church can save money.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Fraud

It’s an unfortunate reality that leaving church finances in the hands of members can lead to fraud. In many small church settings, congregations lack the background to put proper safety protocols in place. As such, they remain more vulnerable to financial mismanagement and abuse.

Instead of relying on members to handle the church finances, switch to reliable software instead. These options have several protocols and accountability checks in place to prevent fraud.

  1. Saving Pastors Time
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Pastors and priests have a never-ending to-do list. They must make hospital visits, meet with congregants, plan mission efforts, and so much more. Many have to juggle family life and obligations as well.

As such, the last thing pastors want to do is play the role of church financier. Instead of adding one more thing to your schedule, let the church technology resolve the problem.

These systems provide accurate assessments of your finances, including tithing revenue for each week. With this knowledge, pastors can make clean presentations for the elders or committees in the church.

  1. Access to Skills and Experience

When churches outsource their financing to software, they often receive access to the software company’s expertise. This expertise is an excellent resource for any church!

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Professional accountants and financial advisors can help church organizations manage their money more efficiently. Moreover, they can help churches answer any questions about how best to spend their money.

  1. Comprehensive Overview of Church Giving

People sitting in the church pews often don’t consider that the church building has bills, too. One tremendous cost for many churches is their HVAC system. They also spend significant amounts on lights, water, and other utilities.

How do churches pay for all of this? Typically, they handle it through the offerings of the congregation.

When churches grow and receive more funding, they can allocate their money to other things beyond the essentials. As churches shrink, though, they often struggle to pay their bills.

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Church accounting software such as that offered by us can help you assess how much your church makes. From there, you can decide if your church can upgrade or needs to downsize.

  1. Keep Track of Attendance for COVID Regulations

Much of what we’ve discussed thus far focuses on accounting. However, church software can also track attendance. In the world of COVID-19, attendance tracking is an essential skill.

Many communities still have regulations in place that require social distancing. These requirements force churches to carefully monitor their attendance to ensure they can keep the congregation socially distant.

Church technology can solve this problem. By placing cameras in strategic locations, these systems help churches monitor their attendance. From there, they can determine how many people their worship space safely holds.

  1. Determining Resources for Missions
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Ideally, a church community does more than meet on Sunday and tithe. Instead, they remain active in their local community, serving others and evangelizing.

However, churches must be practical when they plan missional activities. They need to know they can supply enough volunteers or enough money for their effort.

Once again, church software provides a way to meet this need. With this software, you can keep an accurate record of how many people remain active in the church community. Likewise, you have a comprehensive plan for your finances.

Between these two services, you can plan the size and scale of your mission efforts with a small margin of error. This work makes it easier for churches to decide where to involve themselves.

  1. Save Money on Supplies
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Many churches overspend on supplies because they overestimate how many people attend church. An example of this is routinely printing too many bulletins.

Church software can help you save on supplies. With a holistic look at church attendance, you can provide necessary supplies without too much surplus.

Find the Church Software You Need!

Church software can make life much easier for pastors and congregations across the country. If you haven’t found yours yet, start searching today!

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out our other content today.


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