September 18

8 Ultimate Guidelines to Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs

Bathroom vanity is among the first spots in every home where most people go before starting the day, and it is good to consider how you want it to look. Your bathroom vanities should not just suit your bathroom’s design idea and layout; they should also suit your routines, lifestyle and budget. So, here are several bathroom makeover designs to make your everyday grooming habits to the next level.

Separate spot for both kids and parents

Some homeowners today have started to build child-height vanities alongside the adult-sized vanity in their master bathroom. It is a brilliant method to instil excellent oral hygiene practices in children while giving them their own space in the bathroom.

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Covered with wood

But do not be scared to use wood in your bathroom design. It will produce a tranquil, Zen-like environment, and if you are in a wooded region, it will help link the room to its surroundings. For example, the wood’s paired tub and sink are featured in the Japanese-style bathroom covered in teak. Make sure to conduct your research to discover the best wood for wet areas—and then utilise it wisely.

Pedestal sink with classic accent

Though not quite as trendy as it once was, the traditional ceramic pedestal sink may provide a bit of vintage style to your bathroom design. It is especially suitable if you’re renovating a traditional, historic property with contemporary design elements. For example, they look great with subway-tiled surrounds and clawfoot baths. Waterworks supplied this one, which is combined with a rescued vintage tub with accent tiles.

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Double sinks

In both households and workplaces, double vanities are more popular now than ever. For example, couples may wash their teeth simultaneously thanks to dual sunk-in sinks. It can give them the freedom to do their thing on a separate sink without waiting for the other person to finish what they do.

Industrial themed vanity

Do not be scared to expose part of a bathroom’s internal dynamics. It produces a distinct appearance, but unless you are restoring a traditional warehouse or structural changes, it would be the most practical alternative and may provide a welcoming reference to the property’s history.

Free Standing cabinets

The freestanding vanity with several storages is among the most famous bathroom vanities on the market these days. It will give your bathroom a solid and complete appearance.

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Console vanity with open storage

This alternative is comparable to freestanding cabinets set in a form, but it features open storage shelving instead of closed-door shelves. In addition, a console vanity provides storage capacity for toiletries, baskets and towels while maintaining a bright and elegant appearance.

Minimalist vessel sink

A vessel sink seems to be a stylish and sculptural alternative built with such a sink basin that stands on the pinnacle of the vanity countertop. Some include half-sphere or half-oval-shaped basins made of various materials. However, vessel sinks are more expensive to install, the colour and material difference between the basin and counter.

After discussing the various designs of bathroom vanities, it is important to consider the many styles in which these vanities can be placed. Multiple designs are available, based on the scale and architecture of your bathroom, as well as the position of the piping of your bathroom.

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