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8 Indian street snacks for babies


If you are looking for a quick and easy snack for the baby, here are five Indian street food items that will do just the trick! Between the puffs, laddoos, vada pavs and veg dosa is – your little one is sure to find something they love. Browse through our list of recommended choices to find what suits you best. You can find some great snacks for babies on


1). Puffs – You can’t go wrong with these crispy fried balls made from a deep-fried dough. They come in flavors like spicy masala or sweet khoya, and are usually served warm either alone or with a chutney dip on the side. Also, because of their small size, they are safe for teething babies.

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2). Laddu – These little balls of savory goodness (sometimes sweet) are made from flours, and are fried in oil or ghee until golden brown and crisp. Best eaten with a cup of chai! Moreover, these are packed with protein, carbohydrates and nutrition – so they’re healthy too!


3). Vada pav – One of the most popular Indian street snacks, vadas (made from lentil flour) are usually served spicy with rice and curd in the middle with some onions on the side. Your baby might not eat the vada itself but they will love munching on those crispy onions while you tuck into your treat!

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4). Dosa – Another one of our favorites, these are little South Indian crepes made from a fermented batter of lentil flour and rice. Usually served with spicy sauces and chutneys, they make for a great snack for any time of the day.


5). Gobi – This is another Indian street food that babies love! It’s actually called ‘chana dal’ in many regions, but I like to call it ‘gobi’ because it tastes best when eaten with cumin-spiced onion chaat! This is actually made from chickpeas (garbanzo beans sometimes called Indian beans), which are soaked overnight in water to remove the bitterness.

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6). Papad – These are thin, crispy wafers made from lentil flour. The ones we Indians typically snack on are the spicy ones served with some oil on top. They make a great savory snack for babies (without any added salt, pepper or chili powder) and give them a good dose of calcium.


7). Drinks – Babies can have cold drinks like fresh fruit juices or even a lassi. These delicious blends of yogurt and various fruits (sometimes with nuts and spices too) can be made easily at home or bought from the local Indian store. If you’re not sure what your baby can handle, always start small and introduce new tastes slowly. If you see your baby is struggling with the taste, make a different flavor/combination the next time.

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8). Bhel Puri – This is one of the tastiest Indian street foods that babies love! It’s a spicy salad made from puffed rice, potatoes & onions (with all their edges intact), coriander and tamarind chutney. Just watch out for nuts and chillies as these aren’t listed on the ingredients labels.



These foods are best enjoyed in small portions, and can be a great refresher for your baby after a nap or when they’re hungry but don’t feel like eating. Keep one handy that you’ll be able to whip up again at any time – your baby will love you for it!

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