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7 Signs That Show That Your Roof Need To Be Replaced

The majority of people do not actually think about the roof over their heads. On top of that, the need for a roof repair or roof replacement is not that obvious, until a leak is sprung.

Although, it is hard to know when is the right time to replace your roof, because it is not something that a person checks regularly. For this reason, it is very essential to check your roof at least twice a year and look for any signs of destruction. In this way, it could be possible to make any necessary repairs or even replace your roof before it gets too late. That is why we always suggest hiring a reliable London Roofing specialist.

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Discovering destruction early, can help you save a lot of trouble and at the same time a lot of money. Moreover, you could avoid some potential dangers, too. Below, we will list 7 warning signs that your roof could be in need of replacement.

If the Tiles are in a Poor Condition

The effortless manner to detect that you need to replace your roof is when you see that the tiles themselves are starting to look worn. There are a few reasons to check if you need a new roof based on how it looks:

  • The edges of the tiles can be curved or have a cup-like appearance
  • Some tiles are cracked
  • There may be spots
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In a few words, if your roof is starting to look old and worn, then it is time to replace it with a new one.

image3 - 7 Signs That Show That Your Roof Need To Be Replaced

If Mosses Appear

An additional key mark that you may see and means that you need to replace your roof is when you detect moss on or between the tiles. Whilst moss can seem beautiful on your roof and make your home look like a fairytale house that is located inside the woods, it is up to this time an indication of a potential problem.

Moss on its own is not an automatic indication that you need a roof replacement straight away. Moss grows naturally on or between tiles, mainly on roofs in shady or humid climates. In spite of that, moses could undermine the hidden damage.

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The problem with mosses is that at the time that it starts raining, they absorb the rainwater like a sponge and hold it over them. It prevents water from flowing from the roof as well as into the gutters. This can lead to the collapse of the tiles themselves. During the time that moss prevents water from reaching the gutters, it can as well lead to water flowing into the layers beneath them, and as a result causing mold to grow.

As a result of this, if you detect any moss in your roof, you will need to call a craftsman in order to clean it and check for signs of permanent damage.

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You Can See Light Coming Through Your Roof

You can control the attic for any roof damage. If you see daylight coming through your roof boards then that means that you have a problem. During the time you poke around in your attic, control for any moisture sign, too. If you see any water stains on the roof boards or moisture in the insulation, then you should be certain that this is an indication of a leaky roof.

image6 - 7 Signs That Show That Your Roof Need To Be Replaced

If You Notice Curled Shingles

If you detect that the edges of your shingles are curled, then this might be an indication that the shingles are wearing out. The causes of curled edges are weather and age. Those can lead in valley formation between shingles where they would typically meet. After the detection of curling shingles, you should contact a professional in order to examine and see if you need to replace your current roof with a new one.

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image2 - 7 Signs That Show That Your Roof Need To Be Replaced

Examine the Age of the Roof

A further crucial element in determining if you need to replace your roof or not – is its age. This is not a warning indication that you can detect from time to time, but it is worth remembering it. Roofs that are not less than 20 years old can reap benefits from a replacement with greatest quality materials and equipment. A common layer of tarpaulin stands up about that long.

Despite that, alternative materials may take longer. Slate, copper and clay or concrete slabs can stand up, more than 50 years and wooden roofs can stand up for around 30 years, by way of illustration. On account of this, depending on the material that you have above your roof as well as the last time that you have replaced it, it might just be time to avoid any leaks that might appear on the road.

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After Noticing Exterior Damage

image1 - 7 Signs That Show That Your Roof Need To Be Replaced

It is crucial to have a visual inspection for roof repairs every couple of years in order to check for any alarming damages. If your roof consists of asphalt or wooden shingles, then the exterior damage can seem like shingles which are curling or buckling, missing or even appear work or warped. If you own a metal, slate, rubber clay or concrete tile roof then you should check for spots that might seem thin or cracked, missing pieces, or zones that appear to be dented or worn.

At the time you decide to consider your roof, you should pay close attention to areas that look more prone to be destroyed. Those areas might include the slopes of your roof that are presented with direct sunlight as well as the valleys that are located at the place that your roof slopes meet together. As a fundamental part of the roof, valleys are in control of water runoff into your gutters – as an alternative to your inside walls. If you detect any damage in the valleys, your roof might start leaking. For this reason, you might as well control your gutters and downspouts. An indicator that your roof is wearing away, might be the detection of shingle or roof granules.

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If Your Roof Has any Saggy or Droopy Spots

image5 - 7 Signs That Show That Your Roof Need To Be Replaced

A crucial indicator that your decking – the supportive construction which holds the roof up – is weakened from moisture and that your roof surely needs a replacement, is the detection of droopy or saggy spots. If your roof is a safe area to walk on, then you should detect how it feels walking on it. If it seems spongy or if it has a little bounce like you are on a trampoline then you should immediately get off your roof and contact a roof professional right away, in order to replace your current roof.

When you highlight the 7 above indications that we mentioned when needing a roof replacement in London, then you might have understood that regular maintenance and controlling is a crucial factor for your roof. 

Weather and natural wear as well as the tearing of roofs might cause a lot of damage, if you leave it unchecked. For this reason, you should not delay it or forget it at all. Get in touch with a highly professional company and check the health of your roof today!


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