April 26

7 Easy Tips for Awareness


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Awareness makes our lives better. This skill is significant, even if you talk to your relatives or go online for an activity. You will need to be aware of your surroundings in all situations even when you bet on football. But you don’t have to sit for hours and wait for enlightenment. You just have to incorporate useful habits into your life to become more aware. Here are a few essential things that will help you be more aware and engaged in your life and what’s going on around you.

Pay Attention to Recurring Thoughts

The process of running the same thought through your head is called rumination. Rumination keeps you awake and makes you feel anxious and fearful. Bad days and awkward situations happen to everyone. But conscious people have a habit of tracking recurring thoughts with negative meanings and stopping the rumination process. 

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Try to keep track of what you think about during the day. You can even write down your main thought patterns. And you’ll be surprised at how many similar thoughts swirl around in your head. 

Not Give in to Emotions

It’s okay to experience different feelings and emotions. But it’s important not to make decisions based solely on feelings or under the influence of strong emotions. Conscious people will always cool down before they write an angry message to a colleague and not try to leave their partner during the first argument. A conscious person separates themselves from their emotions. So, he allows himself to feel the whole spectrum of them, but does not associate himself with anger, joy or disgust. This skill helps him to maintain relationships, make new acquaintances and look friendly and trustworthy in the eyes of others. 

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Accept Imperfections

It is hard for us to admit to ourselves that we are not perfect. It is even harder to admit that we cannot reach the ideal, and if we spend all our time blaming ourselves, it won’t do us any good. We want to surround ourselves with kind and understanding people with whom it is interesting to communicate, to build relationships, to move forward together. 

But often we do not notice how we create perfect images of ourselves, we overestimate our expectations, and then we are disappointed. Even the nicest girl can swear and forget to wash the dishes. And any fitness guru can go to a burger joint late at night. Conscious people often remind themselves that it’s okay to be a person with flaws and weaknesses. Imperfections don’t make us bad. 

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Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is in every action of conscious people. And it is not narcissism at all. A conscious person understands that without self-care he will not be able to realize his ideas, to benefit those around him and the world. That’s why his schedule always includes going for a massage or to the gym, reading books, walking outdoors, communicating with loved ones and just doing nothing. Conscious people know there is no such thing as laziness, and the desire to lie down and stare at the ceiling can only be due to one of two factors: real fatigue or a lack of motivation to get down to the task at hand. 

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Be Thankful

Feeling grateful for everything that’s going on helps you get back to reality and feel in the here and now. And that’s very important for true mindfulness. Giving thanks isn’t easy, especially when you’ve never done it intentionally. At first, you might even be indignant: “Why would I want to thank life for a sunny day or for food?” But if you think about it, thankfulness for simple, basic things is the beginning of that conscious life. Think back to how many times you’ve scolded yourself for not reaching some bar instead of being thankful for a great result? 

Trust Yourself

Conscious people know that it is only possible to fully trust their inner voice, intuition and premonitions. By purging your life of the opinions and desires of outsiders, you become closer to the real you. Trusting yourself at first is scary and unaccustomed, especially if the inner voice is very different from the voices around you. But when trusting yourself leads to positive results, your brain will realign and you’ll realize it’s safer than it looks. 

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A sincere smile can melt the ice. That’s why conscious people know how to maintain a positive attitude where you want to smile without being too fake. The most important thing is sincerity, so it’s perfectly normal not to want to smile on frowny days.


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