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6 Elements of Strong Web Design


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There was a time when simply having a website was enough to make your personal brand or business stand out. Those days, however, are long gone. And in the modern age, having a website isn’t enough. In case if you are managing a hosting website then you can integrate it with WHMCS to manage your reseller hosting, clients, billing, and more. Moreover, you can take help from the best WHMCS website development company to customize your website to add required functionalities.

After all, there are almost 2 billion websites on the internet today. To stand out, your website can’t be average, it has to be stunning!

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The best way to create a stunning website?With strong web design, of course. Read on to learn the elements of website design a successful website must have so you can implement them in your own web design plans.

1. Navigation With a Natural Flow

When you think of website design, you might think of colors, branding, and page layout. And while these are all important elements of a website, the best place to start is with your navigation.

Why? Because if a potential user clicks on your website and can’t find what they’re looking for within seconds, they’re going to go back to the search results and use another site.

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A good rule of thumb is to ensure that anything can be found on your website in three clicks or less. If you don’t trust yourself to have an unbiased perspective, enlist a friend or family member to browse your website. Give them a page to find, and if they can’t do so quickly and easily, your site navigation needs work.

2. Simple Yet Attractive Design

Once you have your menu and navigation nailed down, you can begin working on the actual design of your website. This is the fun part, where you can inject your own personality and style into your site.

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However, it’s crucial that you don’t get carried away. When in doubt, stick with simplicity. White should always be your primary color, and users shouldn’t be bombarded with flashing images and difficult-to-read text.

Know your strengths. If you’re an excellent salesperson or writer but are feeling a little lost in the design department, hire a web designer.

There’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help in website development. Doing everything yourself is great, but it’s far better to do what’s best for your website.

3. High-Quality Content

Even the most beautiful website design in the world is nothing without high-quality content. Your web design is what catches users’ attention, your content is what keeps them coming back for more.

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This isn’t just about blog posts (although these are extremely important), it’s also your copy, images, videos, and any printables, eBooks, or additional materials you provide.

That said, in terms of blog posts, the longer, the better. Don’t stretch your posts out with fluff or unnecessary information. But if you can write 2000 words about a relevant topic and keep it interesting and informative, do it!

Though video content isn’t a must-have, it can make a difference. As helpful as well-constructed text posts and infographics are, the majority of people prefer learning via video content.

No matter which type of content you’re working on, be sure to add a call to action. Include CTAs in your blog posts, videos, web pages, emails, and any other means of communication with your audience. If you don’t request further action, you won’t get any!

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4. Responsive Theme

Did you know that most internet users now browse on their phones and tablets rather than a desktop or laptop computer? With that in mind, using a website builder to create a site that looks stunning on a computer isn’t enough. You have to make sure that it looks great on screens of all sizes!

To do this, you have two options. If you’re an experienced website developer, you can do so from scratch. For most of us, however, it’s faster and easier to simply choose a theme with mobile responsiveness built-in.

Thankfully, because mobile browsing is so common, many of the most popular themes available on content management systems such as WordPress have this feature. 

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5. Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to creating a website design that’s not only visually appealing but search engine friendly as well, SEO is your best friend. SEO, or search engine optimization, is what determines your placement in search results.

Good SEO means your website will appear higher in searches for relevant keywords, while poor or nonexistent SEO will make your site much harder to find.

Everything from your blog titles, meta tags, image names, even your website URL, is a factor that affects SEO. Again, if you’re unsure how to use SEO to your advantage, a professional website developer can be a huge help.

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6. Branded Elements

Your website should be a useful source of information but also a digital reflection of you and your brand. Memorable, quality branding will help develop the connection between it and your company or you as a business owner.

There should be branded elements all throughout your website, meaning your logo, color scheme, and brand messaging should appear across all pages and posts.

Now, keep in mind that white should remain your primary color. Your brand colors should be used as accents (think links, buttons, menu background, etc.).

Don’t overwhelm your viewers with logos plastered in every available space, either. Keep it subtle and simple.

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Use Strong Web Design to Create a Successful Website

The key to fantastic web design is to create a perfect balance between design and usability. Your website has to look amazing while being easy to use and navigate, even for first-time users.

Show off your personality while keeping your audience at the top of the list of importance during web development and you’re sure to find success with your website.

Interested in learning more about building the ultimate website for your brand? Take a look at our blog!


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