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5 Unknown Hindu Temples To Visit in Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is a traditional Hindu state. The Himalayan state is also called Dev Bhoomi. It means the land of deities. There are thousands of temples in Himachal Pradesh. If you believe old stories, then many things can provide a different way of looking at this brick-and-mortar world. Citizens of Himachal Pradesh are mostly Hindus. They believe in god, paying huge respect to every deity. Not many Indian states have historical Hindu temples like Himachal Pradesh. In every 10 kilometres, one can find a temple in HP. It shows that every village has at least one temple to worship. India is a Hindu-populated nation. In every place, many believe in religion and pay their respect at the highest level. However, people in Himachal Pradesh are very fond of god. Tamales such as Jawali, Chintpurni, Bajreshwari, Naina Devi, Koyla Mata and many others are very from. People from India and around the world visit these all famous temples. They come to these precious temples for paying respect to God for helping them in their lives. With every other religion, the main goal is to love God and request from the all mighty to keep on showing them a shiny pathway. Let’s take a look at five unknown Hindu temples having an old and rich history.

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Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple

Mamleshwar Mahadev is a centuries-old temple of Lord Shiva. It is the most famous temple of Karsog, which is a famous town in Himachal Pradesh, India. Mamleshwar Mahadev is not too popular even in HP. Only utterly religious people know about this temple. From outside, many feel that this temple is also a common Shiva temple. However, most of them change their thinking after visiting the temple. It is the only Shiva temple in North India where Shiva is blessing his children with his full family. According to local people, the Pandavas made his temple. The Pandavas hold a high place in historical Hindu books. There is a big drum in Mamleshwar Mahadev. People press the drum twice or thrice during their visit. But it won’t create a major sound as the weight of this drum is over 200 kg. Locals believe that Bhima, who is the second among the five Pandavas, used to play with the drum. In Shiva’s navel, you can see red or pink ruby. To see the ruby, one has to request the pundit. You can also take ashes from the temple as it is a way of protection blessed by Lord Shiva. The visitor should request the pundit to show the largest piece of wheat they can ever see. It weighs around 200 grams or so. You can touch it but can see it from a very close angle. The pundit of the temple, also known as pujari, does not look behind the sculpture of Lord Shiva. According to locals, this is not a place to see for humans. Please do not try to see behind the cculpture. Otherwise, your visit can take a disastrous root.

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4- Shri Shasheshvar Mahakal Temple (Kamaksha)  


Shri Shasheshvar Mahakal Temple, commonly known as Kamaksha Temple, is a famous Hindu temple in Karsog. It will take 30 minutes to visit the temple from Karsog through the car. It is a temple of mother Kamaksha (Mata). After Mamleshwar Mahadev, it is the most loved and crowded temple in Karsog. During the famous festival named Navaratri, mother Kamaksha’s followers celebrate a regional event on the eight days. This can be the best time to visit the temple and see something different that you couldn’t even imagine in this world. Kamaksha is a very small village with 2,000 to 5,000 people. You can find all the basic need in the village. People are very helpful and polite. Kamaksha Temple.

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3 Mahunag Temple

Mahunag Temple is situated in Mahunag, a very small village near major town Karsog, Mandi, HP, India. Mahunag is the synonym of Karna, who is one of the most famous religious figures in Hinduism. Other than Lord Shiva, Mahunag is the most famous deity in Karsog. Many lovers from around the world come to visit this temple. The road accessibility is decent. One can even drive a bus. During summers, mostly in May, too many people come and take the blessing of Mahunag. It is a very precious fair for local people. It is also one of the richest temples in Himachal Pradesh. Karna is known for his loyalty and forgiveness. He battled against his brothers for completing his promise. Mahunag is a child of Son. Lord Shani is her brother. Local people say request anything ethical from Mahunag – and he will make dreams come true. Over the years, Mahunag has done many unbelievable tricks that one can’t even think about. It shows the quality of Karna and his wisdom in many different ways.

  1. Shree Nag Dhamuni Mandir
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Shree Nag Dhamuni Mandir is situated in Dhamun, Karsog, Himachal Pradesh, India. It will take two to three hours to reach this temple from Karsog. The height of this valley is quite huge. You can find many apple trees in Dhamuni. Due to apple production, there are many people rich people in Dhamuni. Nag Dhamuni is another name of Arjuna, who is the most skilled among Pandavas. Indians respect Arjuna’s kindness. He always followed the ethical path. His relationship with Lord Krishna is at another level. Lord Krishna called Nag Dhamuni his brother and friend. Nag Dhamuni is a family member of Lord Krishna.

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1 Jai Shree Dev Badyogi Temple

Jai Shree Dev Badyogi Temple is a very small temple near Karsog. It is not as famous as other temples but holds value to many people. The tradition of this temple is just at a different level to all. Dev Badyogi Temple is a very good temple, holding a fine sense of good wives. All negativity turns into positive actions in this place. Not too many people visit the temple at the moment. However, good branding can lead the temple to help many needed people a blessing which is hard to find anywhere around the world.


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