January 17

3 Top Sports Betting Tips for Beginners


Why do punters worldwide enjoy sports betting? The answer is because it is fun, simple and you can also make money while at it! As a beginner, you should avoid rushing into placing your wagers immediately. As simple as betting on sports events might be, it is a challenge to get everything right in the beginning. If you approach it wrongly, chances are you will not find it enjoyable, and nor will you make any profit.

That doesn’t mean that you should avoid betting at any cost. Being methodical will prepare you and boost your chances of making some money. The secret to successful sports betting is ensuring that you form as many good habits as you can from the beginning. Below are three betting tips for every novice player, no matter their ultimate goals.

  1. Learn the basics of sports betting
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It is best to walk before running, which is crucial in sports betting. As someone new to sports betting, you need to bid your time and learn all the basics when starting. Once you grasp them, you’ll make better decisions. Fortunately, free information and tips are abundant online to get you started.

After learning the building blocks of betting on powerplay.com, you can now apply what you have learned. Start by wagering smaller amounts since you are in your learning stage. Once you understand every basic rule, you can then learn the more advanced strategies.

  1. Bet with a clear, intentional mind

The second tip for beginners is ensuring that you are sober when betting with real money. Never gamble when you are drunk or under the influence of any drugs. It lowers your chances of successfully predicting the outcome of a sports event. As you are wagering your hard-earned cash, you need only to do so when your mind is alert.

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It is common for folks to bet after having a few drinks since drinking and watching sports events tend to go together. However, it’s best to place any wager before you start drinking. This will save you from making poor decisions since drugs and alcohol impair your judgment. If you are already drinking, enjoy the game and reserve betting or a later time when you are sober.

  1. Be realistic with your expectations

If you are already considering quitting your 9 to 5 because you anticipate cashing in on that jackpot, you need to put your plans on hold. It is probably not fun to hear this, but the likelihood of comfortably living off sports betting is very slim. Of course, you can make money, but the chance that this amount will be adequate is unlikely.

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There are many professional sports bettors, but most still lose about 40% of their bets. Therefore, it is essential to have reasonable expectations from the word go. Betting can be fun and profitable. However, becoming a professional will take you a considerable amount of time to learn and become disciplined in this field.


It’s challenging for a beginner to make considerable profits from betting, but these tips should give you a good head start. Ensure that you divide your bankroll, which will keep you in the game longer and help you track your performance.


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